VOLUME 125, sent March 4, 1998

Topics in this issue:
  1. Christmas Wish List
  2. 3 things
  3. SW/DM/JC/Traffic items
  4. Traffic
  5. RE: Capaldi/Mason Traffic thing
  6. Re: Traffic's concert
  7. Wizard's symposium
  8. Reebop CD
  9. February statistics, and an editorial

Date sent:        Sat, 28 Feb 1998 16:20:25 -0500
From:             Dawn 
Subject:          Christmas Wish List

 Well, I know that we're well past Christmas, but I already have a couple of
items for my "Winwood Christmas Wish List", and I just can't wait until next
Christmas to ask for them. So, with your indulgence, here goes.....

Dear Santa,

I promise to be really good (hush, Bobbie ;-)), eat all my vegetables, and maybe
even promise not to speed on the highway anymore, if only Steve would do one
of the following...

DO MTV UNPLUGGED!  Or at least an "unplugged album". Can you imagine
how great that would be?  Many of us have been whining for Steve to put out a
live album (it has been entirely too long since he put out live stuff, and more's
the pity, since he is so GREAT live), and more have been complaining about
the "over produced" nature of a lot of his most recent efforts.  How about just
piano, or acoustic guitar, and that God's gift of a voice, without any layers of
synth & assorted studio glop? He doesn't need them! For example, I recall a
radio interview from Emerald studios, where Steve just sat at the piano, with
Jim playing various percussion, and he played absolutely beautiful versions of
Traffic and solo stuff.  More, more, more of that, please!

DO A SONG BACKED BY A GOSPEL CHOIR. Ok, some might think that
this has become a sort of pop/R&B cliche', but not that many artists' voices can
stand their ground with the likes of a really good gospel choir.  Given the
increased religious/spiritual nature of Steve's songs, combined with THAT
VOICE and those R&B chops, I think it would be a natural match.

GO AHEAD AND DO SOME MORE DUETS.  Personally, I did not have a
problem with the choice of Des'ree for the duet on J7, but the VAST majority of
SP posts said they just didn't fit together.  Rather, I thought that Plenty Lovin'
and the duet with Etta James were not the best because it seemed like Steve was
holding back.  LET IT LOOSE, BOY! That voice was made to GALLOP, not
trot!  A couple of my choices for potential duet partners:  Bonnie Raitt (a great
wild-woman, and a mean slide guitar player), Randy Travis (got the idea seeing
them present the Grammy together in '89), or James Taylor (worth repeating).
That would just be the tip of the iceberg.  (Just one thing: God, Please no duet
with the Spice Girls, as was rumored in these pages.  We do NOT want to see
Steve become a laughing-stock!!!)

Ok, I'll limit the list to three for now, since I don't really have any intention of
not speeding!

Thanks, Santa.  I know you'll do your best!


Date sent:        Sat, 28 Feb 1998 15:23:21 -0600
From:             Keith Olive 
Subject: 	         3 things

1. There were some messages about Steve appearing on TNT back in
December (the 10th, I think). As the show came on, the announcer even
mentioned Steve Winwood coming up.  But as I watched this show SW never
appeared. I taped the 2nd show and fast forwarded but again he wasn't there.
Does anyone know what happened?  I don't remember seeing another reference
to this in SP. Perhaps Steve thought the show was too crummy. It was awful

2. I stumbled on another SW 12".  Strangely it was packaged exactly as
the Roll with It 12" 96648-0 with Roll with it (12" remix) Roll with It (Steve
Testifies Dub) and the 7" version of The Morning Side.   This new one I found
has the same cover same number 96648-0 on the cover but inside the record
was labeled DMD1193 but instead of The Morning Side, it has Dub#2 (4:16).
This is an instrumental of Roll with It. Pretty neat.  How many more of these
are there??

3. I was also surprised when I saw my ticket to the Mason/Capaldi show
at 1st Ave. in Minneapolis.  The ticket read "A Very Special EARLY
EVENING Concert Featuring "Pop Song Craft fused with Blues, Jazz and
Eastern Music" TRAFFIC with co-founders DAVE MASON & JIM CAPALDI
with Special Guest AL STEWART". Nevertheless, in addition to being a big
Winwood fan, I also love the music of both Capaldi and Mason. Alone
Together was and remains one of my favorite records of all time. How did SP (a
predominantly Traffic site) start getting so down on these guys.  In one of the
last messages someone mentioned legal troubles for CM performing songs like
Low Spark and  Mr. Fantasy without permission?? Didn't Capaldi co-write
these. Last I looked, between Mason and Capaldi, they have written or  co-
written every Traffic song except Medicated Goo, Glad, Dream Gerrard and
Tragic Magic. JC even has the version of Low Spark that he's performing on
this tour on one of his CD's.  So maybe they have the right to call themselves
Traffic. Of course its not the same without Winwood or Wood. After going to
the show, my only response is who cares what they call themselves. I know
them for their music and it was a GREAT performance. The place was
surprisingly filled, and they rocked. The second encore of Mr. Fantasy was
absolutely brilliant. The whole show was. I wished it would have lasted all
night. But 1st Ave still wanted to leave time for their younger clientele (the
reason I guess for the early evening) and besides I had to get home for the
babysitter. Just go and enjoy the show, forget everything else.


Date sent:        Sat, 28 Feb 1998 15:38:30 -0800 (PST)
From:             thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject:          SW/DM/JC/Traffic items

Hi gang: I'm moving in 3 weeks and have a record show in 1 week. I'm
offering all my remaining SW/Traffic/Mason/Capaldi items out at Best Offer.
Some Capaldi posters & SW posters &12"s/7"s are not listed yet.

Thxs J
Mail me for a list or go to my site URL below.

Date sent:        Sun, 01 Mar 1998 14:50:51 +0000
From:             wayne fullwood 
Subject:          Traffic

I think it's all a little bit sad that Jim Capaldi, especially should want to use the
Traffic name with no Steve in the band. The reunion without DM a few years
ago only left me wishing that Chris could have still been around, I had no
yearning to go back over 'Hole In My Shoe' stuff, I know DM has written some
fantastic tunes as well, but frankly without the sheer musicianship which will
be missing without SW and CW, I don't honestly think I would bother going to
see it, it would be like going to see the hundredth reincarnation of the Drifters,
with only one or two original members surviving. It does prove one thing when
Steve can go out on a solo tour under his own steam, yet Dave and Jim have to
hang on to the shirt tales (or so it seems).

Regards,  wayne.

From:             "Gabb, Anthony A" 
Subject:          RE: Capaldi/Mason Traffic thing
Date sent:        Mon, 2 Mar 1998 10:10:34 +1100

 Well I thought I'd send in something with an ORIGINAL topic - the whole
Capaldi/Mason Traffic thing of course! :-)

All that need be said is that if Steve owns the right to use the Traffic name and
it is being used by the company promoting the JC/DM tour without SW's
permission, they are in trouble - there's also the issue of who owns the
copyright of the songs if they are singing more that Mason's traffic numbers.
Apart from that - if they want to risk it then so be it.

 My only concern is that this may jeopardize future Traffic projects.

 As to the future I noted Les' note referring to the Wall Street Journal and SW's
disappointing release.  Virgin can't be too happy commercially with SW.  I
remember reading way back when Winwood first signed with Virgin that they
paid $14M for a 3 album deal.  I'm assuming it was for 3 solo albums which
have just been completed.  Roll With It was a success, however Refugees.... and
J7 were pretty average performers.  In between times, Far From Home didn't do
much either.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Steve has to find another record
company for his next project.  Maybe a non-mainstream label to maximize
creative freedom and minimize pressure to produce a particular style deemed
commercially sensible.  Maybe even a Jazz label - in which case I'd be an
instant jazz convert!

From:             kathyb1@flash.net
Date sent:        Mon, 02 Mar 1998 10:03:49 -0800
Subject:          Re: Traffic's concert

Well, today is the "morning after".  Wow....what a great concert!  Jim does not
look well, however.  He mentioned something about feeling like he's on his
deathbed and I am a bit concerned for him.

He really looked bad.

I was front row and Dave sang to me quite a bit, which was a thrill.

My only negative comment was their new version of Low Spark of High Heeled
Boys.  Jim said it was re-mixed by some Irish guy and it really sucked. It was
rushed and didn't even resemble the original, which was perfection and should
not have been improved upon.  So.. I felt a bit teary-eyed over that. I was really
looking forward to hearing that song live.


From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:        Mon, 2 Mar 1998 14:02:08 -0700
Subject:          Wizard's symposium

A person who is not a Subscriber sent me the following question:

"I haven't seen any mention of the Wizard's symposium anywhere (Seattle
2/26/98). He (they) played for about 2.5 hrs. Great mix of old and new. Anyone
else there? Have any comments about it?"

I'm clueless about this. Any Seattle Subscribers hear about it?


Date sent:        Tue, 03 Mar 1998 09:11:14 +1300
From:             Murray Dreyer 
Subject:          Reebop CD

Managed to get hold of the Reebop CD "Melodies in a Jungle Mans head"
released in 1989 by Teledec DEMCD WY from NetBeat (WWW.netbeat.com)
for USD17.80 plus P&P.

It's quite interesting with some good tracks and some ordinary ones and they
are much as I expected a Reebop Album to sound. The Liner notes allude to
SW and other Traffic members being involved but they are not credited
officially. However there is some Flute and Sax on some tracks and some very
Winwood like Synthesizer as well.

Worth adding to the collection.

Murray D.

From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:        Mon, 2 Mar 1998 09:14:11 -0700
Subject:          February statistics, and an editorial

I thought some of you might be interested from time-to-time in hearing some
SP stats:

We currently have 346 Subscribers. (In February of 1997, we had 270.) During
the month of February, we gained 5 new Subscribers, lost 6, and had 2
changes-of-address. Readership had jumped when J7 came out and during the
summer and autumn concerts, and is dropping slowly, as expected. Compared
to most mailing lists, SP is remarkably stable; readers tend to stay

During the month of February, 7 volumes were sent, averaging 19.57 KB long
(which I think is way too long - I will start sending SP more frequently; let me
know if you disagree) and totaling 75 posts.

Now for the editorial - In all mailing lists, differing opinions are expected and
encouraged. This is what keeps a list vibrant and healthy and not some suck-up
paean to its topic. When disagreements get harsh, by 'Net-convention they are
referred to (tongue-in-cheek!) as "Wars". Some of you will remember the J7
Wars of last spring; you who have been with us a long time will remember the
Balto Wars that broke out when Reach for the Light was released in October of

Okay, now we're on the downward slope of the Tour Wars. Tempers flared and
feathers got ruffled -- and this is all perfectly normal. SP is such a civil and
friendly little list, that it was out of character; but compared to other lists, it was
mild and short. Now we're going on to other topics; and the Tour Wars will
pass into SP legend and will ultimately serve to cement the sense of community
we have. Just remember, what brings us and keeps us together is the underlying
love for the music, no matter what form that love takes. We're all more similar
than we are different.

It does seem weird that the Tour Wars started during the Olympic Truce
though, doesn't it? [grin]

Also, it has come to my attention that one Subscriber distributed another's
email to others on the list, without that person's permission. Subscribers should
be aware that many Internet service providers consider this a breach of contract
and possible cause for loss of service. If you're in any doubt, go to your service
provider's web-site and look for something called "Terms of Service" or
"Netiquette" or the like (AOLers - go to Keyword: TOS), or phone your
provider and ask. The Subscriber who transgressed this common 'Net-courtesy
has been removed from the list.