VOLUME 118, sent February 4, 1998

Topics in this issue:
  1. Hall of Fame
  2. Where is SW heading?
  3. Tape trading - tape trees - bootlegging
  4. Titanic And SW
  5. Review of Gotta Get Back single
  6. Miscellaneous,  and "selling out"
  7. Capaldi/Mason in Lawrence, Kansas
  8. Re: SW's birthday
  9. Jim Gordon
 10. RE: Raw Blues
 11. BBC Radio 2 show


From:             "Mary Katsikas" [KATSIKAS@Dirac.Uncg.Edu]
Date sent:                 Mon, 26 Jan 1998 16:52:12 EST
Subject:                Hall of Fame

Please tell me why SW was not inducted into the Hall of Fame this year?

From:             "Angie C  " [angiec@Compserv.net]
Subject:          Hall of Fame
Date sent:        Thu, 29 Jan 1998 18:29:43 -0500

Just imagine seeing "Traffic Inducted Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame".  It
can happen if everyone joins forces.  Bobbie is joining my crusade this year so
"Watch Out"

Phase I:  Because members of SP are scattered nationwide, we need to get radio
stations to start playing "Traffic" tunes.  We found that the "Oldies" station
were the best.  The plan is to select three songs and send postcards or make
phone calls to your local radio stations requesting one, two or all three of them.
We want to get organized to make it more effective.

In 1994 when "Traffic" was touring, we started requesting  "Light up or Leave
Me Alone".  We concentrated on that one song and before we knew it, we had
them playing it on three different stations.  A family dog, named "Sam" sent in
quite a few postcards. :)

First on the agenda will be to select the three songs.  Bobbie will explain how
she would like it done.  After we have completed phase I,  we will explain our
next move. Persistence will be the key word here.


[Although it's not in place yet, a method 'voting' for favorite song will be on the
SP web-site shortly. I would like everyone to vote for only 1, and we'll use the
top 3 vote-getters. If you don't have web-access, you can email me with your
choice.  --BG]

Date sent:        Mon, 26 Jan 1998 12:15:36 -0500
From:             Bob Craig [rollcstr@tiac.net]
Subject:          Where is SW heading?


I just finished going through the new SP and I wanted to reply/comment on
Ellie's request as to where SW is going next and how that ties into post on
rarities later in the edition.

There is logically where he can go next, or fantasy.  I want to play fantasy
today.  I would adore to see SW go back to a three or four piece line-up (a la
early Traffic tours) where he was such the focus musically.  Now take this one
step further by putting this into clubs or small theaters, because the pop fans
would not be interested.  Now, pull out all kind of possibilities from Ray
Charles tunes to jazz tunes to Traffic tunes to solo tunes.  Do want you want
(where have I heard that before!).

I guess the reason I go there is as much as I love SW's voice and presentation
vocally, he is such a strong instrumentalist and I miss that in his current digs.
You can hear it on the "right" night during "Low Spark" (this last tour) or
"Glad" (many solo tours), or "Uninspired" ('94 Traffic), but during the mid-
Traffic days, tours were based around the smaller ensemble and it really created
some great music.

Guess I'm sounding like the Traffic fan I am, but to hear Steve closely
connected to his music by being it's prime interpreter, as opposed to its front
guy, would be a real treat to me.  Anyone else?


Date sent:        Mon, 26 Jan 1998 22:30:39 +0100
From:             Bjorn Sandstrom [sandstrom@ume.foa.se]
Subject:          Tape trading - tape trees - bootlegging

This is the what the American law says on Unauthorized fixation of and
trafficking in sound recordings and music videos of live musical performances
(2319A ).

It says:
(a) Offense. - Whoever, without the consent of the performer or performers
involved, knowingly and for purposes of commercial advantage or private
financial gain -
              (1) fixes the sounds or sounds and images of a live musical
performance in a copy or phonorecord, or reproduces copies or phonorecords of
such a performance from an unauthorized fixation;
              (2) transmits or otherwise communicates to the public the sounds or
sounds and images of a live musical performance; or
              (3) distributes or offers to distribute, sells or offers to sell, rents or
offers to rent, or traffics in any copy or phonorecord fixed as described in
paragraph (1), regardless of whether the fixations occurred in the United States;

shall be imprisoned for not more than 5 years or fined in the amount set forth
in this title, or both, or if the offense is a second or subsequent offense, shall be
imprisoned for not more than 10 years or fined in the amount set forth in this
title, or both.

Let's see what this means.
"(a) Offense. - Whoever, without the consent of the performer or performers
involved, knowingly and for purposes of commercial advantage or private
financial gain"

You have to do this without the consent of the performer which is clearly the
case, but also for commercial advantage or private financial gain. Trading tapes
on a 1:1 basis is no financial gain and I doubt that we can be said to trade for
commercial advantage.

I think (3) is the interesting part. It says:

"(3) distributes or offers to distribute, sells or offers to sell, rents or offers to
rent, or traffics in any copy or phonorecord fixed as described in paragraph
(1), regardless of whether the fixations occurred in the United States; shall be
imprisoned for not more than 5 years or fined in the amount set forth in this
title, or both, or if the offense is a second or subsequent offense, shall be
imprisoned for not more than 10 years or fined in the amount set forth in this
title, or both."

Since trading is all about trust I can't see a 1:1 tape trader breaking this section
either. If you don't receive the tapes the other person has promised you - you
have no legal case against him. Forget the whole thing, but remember never to
trade with that person again!

A tape tree is as I see it nothing else than an arrangement for individuals to
trade a certain tape and therefore it can't be illegal under the present American
law. If a person doesn't return tapes in a Winwood tape tree I'm sure we'll hear
about it in Smiling Phases. Then that person is dead as far as trading Winwood
tapes on the list.

I don't know what the law says in other countries, but I think that on this point
the laws of different countries are pretty equal. As long as you're not making
financial gain and breaking copyright laws by trading commercially available
material I think they won't lock us in.

The complete text of the law can be found at:

So Gary and others, I think you can let your webpages remain up and let the
tape trees start to roll.

This latest RIAA fear apparently started to spread on the Internet when a guy
selling tapes at 6 dollars each got busted. Lesson learnt: NEVER sell tapes!
Instead: TRADE tapes!!

That was my version - what does the lawyers on the list say about my law


Date sent:        Tue, 27 Jan 1998 17:14:59 -0600
From:             "Tasuki Suboshi, Yui no Seishi" [totoro@POBOXES.COM]
Subject:          Titanic And SW

        I will freely admit that I love the movie _Titanic_ and that this may add a
touch of bias to this comment, but I'm going to make it anyway. Well, I watch
the movie and the credits are rolling, Celine Dion is singing the closing song
"My Heart Will Go On", everything is nice.  Then I think, "Boy, I bet Steve
Winwood would sing this song really well."  Lo and behold, the song is written
by our old friend Will Jennings.  This lead me to a couple of ideas.

1.  Wouldn't it be nice if Steve and Will started working together again?
2.  Wouldn't it be nice if Steve and Celine did a duet?
3.  A duet with Melanie Chisholm wouldn't be all that bad either.


Date sent:        Thu, 29 Jan 1998 18:22:17 -0600
From:             Steven Robert Seim [srseim@students.wisc.edu]
Subject:          Review of Gotta Get Back single

Just received my copy of the Gotta Get Back to My Baby CD-single released in
Europe ($15 from CD-Europe).  The cover features yet another Annie Leibovitz
shot of Steve sitting on the bed.  The songs are as follows:

1. Gotta Get Back... 4 min. single version

2. Gotta Get Back... 3:38 "jazz version"
        A very interesting version.  It seems to actually be a different take, rather
than just a re-mix, because Steve's vocal is slightly different.  The piano line is
slightly different, and the percussion arrangement seems slightly different as
well. And the back-up singers do more of the vocal themselves, without Steve's
voice over the top of them.

3. Roll With It  6 min. live in Munich, Germany
        Another interesting cut.  It seems somewhat less energetic than the live
versions of this song I have heard.  The female backing vocalists handle a few
of the lines themselves, and their voices sound unusually deep. There is some
interesting guitar and horn work near the end.

4. Put On Your Dancing Shoes   4 min. (demo?)
        This apparently is a demo cut.  It's just Steve singing and playing piano
with drums and a little bit of synth.  Nothing remarkable, but it doesn't sound
as bad as the similar pared-down Come Out and Dance demo on the Spy CD-

Overall, the most interesting SW single since the Here Comes a Man and Some
Kinda Woman Traffic singles in '94.

Steve Seim

Date sent:        Sun, 1 Feb 1998 23:14:57 -0500
From:             Dawn [koki9@bellatlantic.net]
Subject: 	   	Miscellaneous,  and "selling out"

First, some appetizers, then the meat:

Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your experience at the NMA awards with us!
Your description of Steve's conversation and clowning with Peter Frampton
were priceless.  It really helped take the sting off of not seeing it first-hand,
both your funny observations and the fact that he only played one song!

I'm going to see Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason on February 7th.  I know how
much I like to hear impressions of concerts from the rest of you, so I promise to
write about it.  Should be interesting, it's at a dinner theatre!!!!

VH-1 ran a special about the Blues Brothers, and showed bits and pieces of
BB2000, as well as interviews with Dan Akroyd and the others in the movie.
From the fleeting moments one could see Steve playing with the band, he looks
fit and happy!  Looking forward to seeing the movie/hearing the soundtrack!

Now then, to the main course:

I have been giving some thought to the topic of "selling out". This is a topic
that has been bandied about regarding MANY musicians, and unfortunately,
many times in conjunction with our own Mr. Winwood.

What exactly is "selling out?"  Is it agreeing to let a corporation sponsor your
tour in return for the opportunity to use your music in their advertisements, put
their logo on banners and programs, and maybe get some conspicuous product-
placement in the video?  Well, touring is expensive. We all complain about the
cost of tickets, yet imagine how expensive they might be without such

Also, we have all heard about the money talented artists have been cheated out
of by record companies (see every R&B and Blues act you can think of), not to
mention unscrupulous managers (see Billy Joel, etc.) and publishing companies
(see entire industry). The record companies are only willing to shell out a
decent amount of touring bucks for only the very biggest stars in their roster at
the moment, and  sometimes not even very much for them. The rest are either
left flapping in the wind, or have to carry on with inferior  conditions.  Would
it be better if the artist was personally responsible for the costs above and
beyond what the robber-barons, excuse me, record companies are willing to

Let's not kid ourselves.  Artists have had sponsorship since the days of the
famous Renaissance painters and their patronage by the rich, royalty and the
church.  Why do you suppose their are so many paintings of religious subjects,
or portraits of long-gone and forgotten wealthy merchants?  Does that make
these paintings less beautiful?  Likewise, do the songs touch you any less
because the sponsor is paying for the roadies' overtime?  Or because there is a
picture of a beer bottle (or perhaps sunglasses) on the screen?

Ok, you are saying that the issue of sponsorship is beer under the bridge,and
you are worrying about the infamous "Mr. Entertainer" issue of the ever-
Winwood- bashing "Rolling Stone". (See Bobbie's website if you don't know
which article I mean). Let's just get this out of the way - "Rolling Stone"
appears to have a bug up its butt about SW, and any coverage of his career is
likely to have a nasty spin to it.  That said, Steve had said that he was making a
conscious effort to get his music heard by more people.  He believed that he had
more to say musically, and he would like to "maximize his career".

If a tree falls in the woods, albeit brilliantly, was it a more valid sound than if it
fell in a field full of people?  Perhaps the three people who were there in the
woods could attest that the tree's "performance" was brilliant, but it doesn't
follow that the performance will be any less brilliant if the audience was larger.
It likewise doesn't follow that Steve was saying that he intended to make
inferior music to reach the masses (and that is not what happened).  Steve has
always followed his unpredictable and complicated muse, and I do not believe
that his playing has suffered from this intention.

Yes, he is a completely different performer than the shy fellow hiding behind
the organ of yesterday.  Anyone who saw the J7 concert tour can certainly
testify to that.  And many have, right here in SP!  We all commented on the
(attempted) dancing, swinging his arms in the air, smiling at the audience,
reaching down and slapping hands with the front row, and swinging the legs
around under the piano during the intense "Low Spark" segment.  The same
things happened every show. They were probably rehearsed elements, like the
set list.  They are all an attempt to entertain the audience.  And we all enjoyed
it.  Did it take away from the music? His vocals?  No.

Nor did it hurt his musicianship a bit that he agreed to do more interviews, chat
shows, award shows, the odd sponsorship, whatever he decided to do.

The entire notion of "selling out" is absurd.  The musicians with "integrity",
who refuse to do things which may be construed as "selling out", toil on in
obscurity and poverty.  The musicians who decide to do what they have to reach
a large audience, and to make some money in doing so, are branded "sell-outs"
for being successful!  Ridiculous.

Steve does not have to explain why he chooses the career path he does or makes
the business decisions he does.   He owes it to his children to be a good father.
He owes his wife Eugenia respect, love and fidelity. To Chris and Jim, he owes
gratitude for being his very talented partners-in-crime during the fruitful
Traffic years. But he does not owe anyone else on Earth a damn thing.

Thanks for letting me vent, yet again!


Date sent:        Mon, 02 Feb 1998 06:41:48 -0600
From:             Craig Richards [richards@sprintmail.com]
Subject:          Capaldi/Mason in Lawrence, Kansas

Here's some info on the Capaldi/Mason concert in Lawrence, KS.

The Capaldi/Mason concert in Lawrence, KS on Feb 24 is being billed as
"Traffic" with co-founders Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason, with special guest
"Country Joe McDonald".  The venue has been changed from the Bottleneck to
Liberty Hall.  Liberty Hall is about a 900 seat theatre.  Tickets are $19 for floor
general admission and $20 for reserved balcony.  Tickets can be purchased
through Ticketmaster.  Lawrence, KS is about 30 minutes west of Kansas City.

Craig in Kansas City

From:             DonkeyDui@aol.com
Date sent:        Tue, 3 Feb 1998 14:07:01 EST
Subject:          Re: SW's birthday

Hi SP'ers.  I like Soren's idea from SP 117 about creating a print for SW's
birthday.  What do the rest of you think?

Jeanne Truxton

From:             ASchulberg@aol.com
Date sent:        Tue, 3 Feb 1998 22:16:16 EST
Subject:          Jim Gordon

Do you remember what the story was with Jim Gordon, who was drummer for
Derek and the Dominos and with the "big band" version of Traffic?

I seem to recall that he became mentally ill and either killed or tried to kill his
mother and that he was committed to an asylum. Do you recall that or can you
find any info on that story? Is there a follow-up? Is he still in the nuthouse, did
he die or what?


[I don't think he's dead, because he doesn't show up on the web-sites devoted to
dead rock 'n' rollers, and I can't find mention in any of my other books. Anyone
know?  --BG]

Date sent:        Tue, 03 Feb 1998 18:20:46 -0600
From:             Steven Robert Seim [srseim@students.wisc.edu]
Subject:          RE: Raw Blues

With considerable help from fellow SPer Nick Aleshin, I was able to determine
that the "Raw Blues" compilation (consisting mostly of John Mayall with
several other artists)--available from CDNow--does not contain the Anglos
"Incense" recording, nor did the original LP versions.  The album does,
however, contain a short (2 minute) instrumental called "Long Night" by John
Mayall & "Steve Anglo," with Steve playing organ.  The song is listed as
written by "Mayall/Anglo."

Steve Seim

Date Sent: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 10:05:17
From:  BobbieG [bobbieg@azstarnet.com]
Subject:  BBC Radio 2 show

Eddie in the UK has let me know that a show called "The Steve Winwood
Story" will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 this Saturday, February 7. I don't as
yet know the time of broadcast, so keep your ears open!