VOLUME 116, sent January 9, 1998

Topics in this issue:
  1. Bobby Messano's new CD
  2. New Year
  3. Replies to Berkin
  4. Capaldi / Mason tour
  5. SW on TV?
  6. Disney
  7. SW promo, glasses and bandanna
  8. Stevie Winwood in Aston Tirrold
  9. SW in Who'sWho in Entertainment
 10. Hendrix documentary
 11. Ultra Discs
 12. Radio concert from St. Goarshausen 6/22/97
 13. Emailing AngieC
 14. Nashville on Jan 21
From: BobbyM3228 
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 13:06:41 EST
Subject: Bobby Messano's new CD

Just wanted to tell you happy holidays and keep you posted on my
release.  The CD is titled "Dominion Roads" (for my home state of Virginia...:))
Radio will get it the third or fourth week in February and retail will have it by
Mid-March. The Label here in the states is Ichiban International and in
Europe/Asia it is on Ichiban International/EMI...So far the radio/press
reaction to advances has been absolutely amazing....I'm VERY excited. I'm also
going spending a lot of time in Nashville and eventually moving there...I
appreciate all the support you've given me and it's going to be a GREAT NEW

Bobby Messano

From: RRopek 
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 14:46:42 EST
Subject: New Year

It will be interesting to see what the year brings in relation to SW - my guess is
'not much' - he put in a full year on the J7 project, and I would bet a rest is in

If there IS to be a Traffic revival, one way to start it would be to get a boxed set
of rarities on the market.  Something like that could be done with only minimal
work by SW ( while he's 'resting'), and would give new exposure to the group,
stir interest, etc., etc.  If that was followed up by a new album in '99,  then the
big tour could follow - leading to success, acclaim, etc.  Well, that's MY plan
anyhow ;-), we can dream right ?, and as they say: "who know what tomorrow
may bring".

Happy new year,

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 09:19:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Ellie
Subject: Replies to Berkin

Hi from Ellie visiting the US and Happy New Year everyone!!
I got a chance to see the VH1 honors that were never shown in Europe
yesterday and it was a great concert!

Since Berkin threw more than a stone to my windows, here's three short replies:
1 - Yes the Watersons are definitely the band who was the inspiration for
JBMD and your hint is probalby true.
2 - I think Capaldi's song talks about Dave, not Steve. Still, we don't
really care, we just enjoy the song, right?:-)
3 - Chris couldn't have performed in public in 1983, so it must be another CW.

And.... Who wants to read about Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson on SP TOO? Spare
us as it's really overwhelming these days please!


Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 16:04:40 -0500
From: Michael Walsh 
Subject: Capaldi / Mason tour

Does anyone have any info on upcoming Mason/Capaldi tour?  They are
scheduled for the Keswick theater on Feb. 6 outside of Phila.; any other
appearances scheduled nearby?  Who else is in the band?  Why do I ask so
many questions?


[Now how about this? Before I even send Michael's question in SP, it gets
answered by another Subscriber.]

From: "Angie C  " 
Subject: Capaldi / Mason tour
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 18:55:47 -0500

The tour featuring Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason (alphabetical order by last
name :) is to start on    February 4th.  Al Stewart will be opening for them.  The
only confirmed date so far is February  6th at The Keswick Theatre in
Philadelphia. If you plan on attending that concert, you better get your tickets
soon because it is selling very well.  If you live on the east coast and are
interested in this concert, stay tuned.


From: EAcev10716 
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 15:42:50 EST
Subject: SW on TV?

Does anyone know if there will be any televised specials on SW?  Concerts,
rockumentaries, etc.


[As always, if anyone sees anything in their local listings, let me know ASAP,
and I'll send a special SP and put it on the web-site so all can enjoy! --BG]

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 22:48:37 -0500
From: Dawn 
Subject: Disney

I am preparing to go on a much-needed vacation to Disney World tomorrow, so
I don't really have time for a "proper" post.  However, my vacation plans
reminded me of something I have pondered for a while:  How is it possible
that Traffic mention Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in "Shoot Out at the
Fantasy Factory" without any major commotion from the rather rights-
protective Disney folk? Or was there a flap about it that I'm not aware of?
Surely, the mention caught their notice?  (And if it didn't, ssssshhhhh!)

Dawn aka Pollypossm

Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 23:24:46 +0000
From: ".Patrick Spencer" 
Subject: SW promo, glasses and bandanna

The site you want for the Angle of mercy promo is Southland Home Page,
email sls@ni.net   The URL is Southland cd.com or

The Junction 7, two CD set is a Virgin promo IVCD3098, it has the same cover
as the official release, but has 32 tracks, they are the 11 tracks from Junction 7
plus Steve talks about the recording of each track and then about the
involvement of MNW and the making of Junction 7 in more detail. The
interview was conducted by Paul Sexton.

I just wondered if any if any other fans had noticed that during the build up to
the Sounds and Vision concert, Steve was sporting glasses and a bandanna.
These were clips shown on TV of the artist in the studio and at a pre concert
press interview. The bandanna? Well it was very hot in London at the time.
The glasses? Well he is nearing the bulls eye.  My favs from the concert were
Steve  singing Dancing in the street and Hound dog.[with out the glasses]

 Hope you enjoyed your concert
 Best wishes Patrick.

Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 14:17:43 +0000
From: John Harris 
Subject: Stevie Winwood in Aston Tirrold

I was looking at your Stevie Winwood pages today and thought you might like
to hear about my link with Aston Tirrold. I was 5 when I moved to Aston
Tirrold with my family in 1966. My father was the minister of the Presbyterian
church and the only public call box in the village was next door to our house.
Obviously it created quite a stir when Traffic moved into the village. There was
talk of wild parties at their house and at the house of local swinging aristocrat -
Sir William Piggot Brown. Sir William was a friend of Chris Blackwell's and
invested money in Island Record (he later lost most of his fortune and fled the
country). The local builders walked out when asked to install one way mirrors
in the guest rooms of his large country house.

Traffic didn't have a phone in their cottage so they used to come down (in a red
Mini Moke!) to use the phone. I remember on one occasion one of the elder
village girls getting me to ask for an autograph on a cigarette packet. They
happily obliged. Later on Stevie or Chris Wood I'm not sure which), brought an
old harmonium off my father. This was house in an old school house attached
to the church. Harmoniums were so cheap in the past that when one broke, they
would just buy another, so there was a plentiful supply.

When Traffic eventually moved out there was a sale of a lot of their gear. A
friend of my older brother bought a Gibson semi-acoustic bass for the
ridiculously low sum of 320 pounds. The house was later bought by the Sheldon
family, who I was very friendly with. I spent many hours at their house on the
downs and can well understand why Traffic chose such an idyllic spot, and so
far away from it all. And the "Berkshire poppies" are very pretty!


From: Winwoodie 
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 02:26:55 EST
Subject: SW in Who'sWho in Entertainment

Who'sWho in Entertainment (A Who'sWho in America Publication by
Marquis) lists our hero SW in all 3 editions. The very recently released 3rd
edition lists most of his solo albums including J7.  It also tells SW is the
recipient of 14 Gold Record Awards, 4 Platinum & 2 Grammys.  It lists his
birthday, birth place, parents, wife & children's' names.  The only problem is it
only lists SW as musician/composer but I think it should also say singer.  You
might find Who'sWho in Entertainment in your local library.   It's an
interesting book because it has many famous people in it & some not as famous
like myself.  Yes you can find me in there too.

Craig Loudon

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 13:26:21 +0900
From: Hisao Chida 
Subject: Hendrix documentary

A few days ago, I saw a TV documentary about the recording of Jimi Hendrix's
Electric Ladyland. As was expected, Steve appeared with some interesting
comments. It was very impressing that the Experience members were excited to
have Steve on recording.

Hisao Chida / Tokyo, Japan

Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 12:56:36 +1000
Subject: Ultra Discs

I recently purchased a number of Traffic and Steve Winwood albums on
Ultradisc, and the quality and clarity of the sound is fantastic.  Among these is
the second Traffic album, now I bought this on vinyl in  August '68 and have
even replaced my original copy because the first one is worn out (this is my
favourite Traffic/Winwood album) and it's been played on various sound
systems from old grammaphone players to the best B & O have to offer. Yet,
listening to the UD the other day I heard a flute playing behind the vocals on
Pearly Queen, can you imagine my amazement, I've had this album almost 30
years and I'd never heard that before. These discs may be more expensive than
normal CD's but definitely worth the money. I'm waiting for the copy of JBMD
to come out because I always think Empty Pages sounds a bit fuzzy and I'm
sure that will be eradicated when producing the UD.

If anyone gets a chance, listen to these discs, they're great.


Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 17:27:54 +0100
From: Bjorn Sandstrom 
Subject: Radio concert from St. Goarshausen 6/22/97

Have I missed this on Smiling Phases? or ...

I was recently offered a copy of a Steve Winwood FM concert - Lorelei, St.
Goarshausen, Germany June 22, 1997.

The set-list is:
                  I'm a man/Roll with it/Freedom overspell/Spy
                  in the house of love/Gotta get back to my
                  baby/Can't find my way home/The low spark
                  of high heeled boys/Glad/Family affair/Just
                  wanna have some fun/Higher love/Back in
                  the high life again/Gimme some lovin'
                  Total time: 90 min

Does anyone have more details of the tape? Radio station etc. I haven't
received the cassette so I can't make any judgement on the quality of the
tape yet.

From: "Angie C  " 
Subject: Emailing AngieC
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 19:35:10 -0500

I was just recently alerted to the fact that my e-mail regarding Jim Capaldi was
being sent to Angie@aol.com. I was a little bit worried that perhaps this other
Angie would get upset if it continued, so I took the liberty of e-mailing her and
asking her about it.

She was very happy to hear from me and was wondering who all these people
were trying to contact.  She knew by the messages that they were not for her
and was kind enough to let those people know they had the wrong Angie. I told
her that I would post this and she was very grateful.

Please if you want to contact me, you can just click off of Jim's page or
remember my e-mail address is angiec@Compserv.net.  Wow!  I'm just really
happy that the authors of the nasty e-mail messages that I received knew my
correct address.:)  Thank you and take care.....Angie

From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 19:30:46 -0700
Subject: Nashville on Jan 21

Steve will be a presenter at the Fourth Annual Nashville Music Awards at the
Tennessee Performing Arts Center on January 21. Appearing with him will be
Kathy Mattea, Steve Cropper, John Hiatt,  Amy Grant, Bob Carlisle, Rodney
Crowell, the trio of Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer and Mike Marshall, dc Talk,
Rod McGaha, Buddy and Julie Miller and Mike Eldred. The Nashville Music
Awards are presented by Leadership Music, and the proceeds benefit
Humanities Outreach in Tennessee (H.O.T.) as well as Leadership Music.
There's an announcement on my web-site, or you can go directly to


My thanks to Shannon for passing on this information!