VOLUME 115, sent December 29, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Two SW CDs
  2. Dancing comments
  3. Re: Dancing
  4. Re: Dancing!
  5. Steve and Billy Joel
  6. The Christmas song and Chris Wood??
  7. Capaldi lyric challenge,
  8. Personal observations..
  9. Junction 7 and commercial success
 10. The Set List..
 11. Some Session news for those interested
 12. Superstar Concert
 13. Baseball cap


Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 17:32:31 -0600
From: Steven Robert Seim 
Subject: Two SW CDs

I was browsing the Web today and found and ordered two SW CDs from a site
called Total Recall (apparently based in Germany).  One is listed as "Live
USA--Live & Alive."  The other is listed as "USA 1987--Highlights."  They
were both cheap ($4 and $6, respectively), so I didn't worry about ordering
them.  But I'm wondering what exactly they are.  The SP site doesn't list them,
but I'm almost sure I've heard of the first one before.  Have you heard of them?
Are they bootlegs? imports?


Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 19:17:30 -0500
From: red 
Subject: Dancing comments

I agree completely with the comments from Sol about dancing at concerts,
expressed very eloquently. We have all had had similar experiences. One does
come to hear the artist, not the surrounding members of the audience. Strange,
but never have I been irritated at a jazz or classical concert.......must not "have
a good beat and you can dance to it."

Perhaps the main point is old-fashioned civility, which is thinly disguised as
consideration for others. Being transported by the music is good, and no one
wants to ruin that, but let's be aware that a public concert is NOT your living
room. Just try not to be a terrible distraction to the enjoyment and appreciation
of what we all came for (and in many cases, paid dearly for): the music. More
than that, to see and hear it performed by its originator.

From: JudethT 
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 02:49:46 EST
Subject: Re: Dancing

To Sol Fischler:

I certainly sympathize with your comments in Smiling Phases 114, and I am
sorry the concert was not more pleasant for you, especially since you waited so
long for the opportunity to attend.  I experienced a similar problem last
November. If you are up to reading about the dreadful incident, read on.  If not,
skip to the next post now.  :)

My favorite comedic actor is Rowan Atkinson (aka The Black Adder), so
naturally when his film finally opened here the U.S. last month,  I went to see it
immediately.  I always sit in the back row, and I did so this time. However, the
theater now has two extra seats behind the back row which are intended, I
believe, for handicapped individuals.  In any case, I sat in the seat in front of
those two back seats.  Just before the film started, after just about everyone else
was seated, a man came in and sat behind me.  He must have had either a very
bad cold or smoker's cough or something similar because he coughed and
coughed and coughed and coughed, very loudly I might add, throughout the
entire film.  And, just a bad, he was wearing sandals which he kicked off as
soon as he sat down.  He kept his legs crossed, either one way or the other,
throughout, with his bare foot dangling about three inches behind my ear.  I
turned around and gave him a pained look several times, but he just continued
to sit there, coughing loudly and dangling his foot next to my head.  I managed
to get through it, but it was one of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever
had at a movie theater.  I would not have endured it if I were not a devoted
Atkinson fan.  However, from now on, I am going back to my usual practice of
waiting to see a film after it has been out for quite awhile so that I do not have
to pack in like a sardine in a can and risk this sort of thing happening again.
Why are adults, who should know better, so ill-mannered sometimes?


From: KristinArt 
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 16:44:19 EST
Subject: Re: Dancing!

To-SOL -- Or is that S.O.L. -- I will take your letter to heart the next time I am
flailing about at a concert---I usually try to maintain myself to a point that
people don't want to strangle me--BUT---Your letter really made me think
twice! ----And I agree-- It is a time to focus on the performer and take it all in.
It's just that sometimes.......I get......  HAPPY FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:22:23 -0600
From: "Tasuki Suboshi, Yui no Seishi" 
Subject: Steve and Billy Joel

        One of my friends down here is a big Billy Joel fan. She sent this
on to me, so I thought I should pass it on as well.

After the song, he was  talking about Steve Winwood inspiring many keyboard
players, and also  inspiring Billy Joel's hairstyle. Anyone ever heard this
before?  I don't know if this is what he was referring to, but it reminded me of
something I read in a book called "Rock Lives". It was about the first time Billy
met Steve Winwood. This is taken from the book :

     Billy Joel, one of Winwood's best American buddies, has a funny story about
the kick he got meeting Steve. Not in 1985, when Winwood played on Joel's
The Bridge, not in '83, when he visited sessions for an Innocent Man- but way
back in 1967-when a very nervous Joel knocked on the door of Traffic's New
York hotel room. Young Billy was anxiously combing his frizzled hair when
Winwood opened the door. "Well, hello then !" said Winwood, throwing the
door wide, disclosing the presence within of Traffic's Jim Capaldi and Chris
Wood.  "It is Billy, isn't it ? So now, what would you like to interview us

"Oh no !" Joel corrected, "I'm not a journalist ! I'm a keyboard player in a band,
the Hassles. Here in America, we're on the United Artist label, same as you
guys!"  Steve remained the perfect gentleman, hardly concerned either way,"
says Joel with an affectionate grin, "and he was just content to talk music. He
was amazed that the Hassles played 'Mr. Fantasy' in concert, and that we had
also recorded 'Coloured Rain.'  He just sat there, looking sorta thrilled and sorta
shocked. 'STEVE MAN,' I said, 'we love you over here. Honest ! You just gotta
spend more time in the  U.S.A. !"

     Billy Joel wonders to this day if Winwood noticed how nervous he was at
their initial meeting. "Actually," Winwood confesses sheepishly, "there is one
small thing that comes back to me from that hotel get-together. Billy didn't
expect me to answer the door, and Billy was combing his hair when I suddenly
appeared. It startled him, and he says he left the comb in his hair for the whole
time he was in our room talking !"

     "Since he's one of my role models, it's been a thrill to see how much
he's grown," says Joel. "I guess you might say Steve has returned and is having
a larger effect than ever, but for me he was never gone. Like Keith Emerson
with the Nice and Felix Cavaliere with the Rascals, Steve's style has been an
immense influence on any kid who ever sat down at a keyboard. But especially
Steve-who was as good at piano as he was at organ, and always featured both
instruments on record. For my generation, it was considered sorta wimpy to
have taken keyboard lessons until the Spencer Davis Group caught fire, and
Traffic just confirmed the idea of the guy at the keys being a leader. After
twenty-five years as a professional," Joel concludes, "any compliment floors
Steve, any trace of recognition surprises him, and any little thing he can learn
or discover is a source of delight. From him, you get a man's wisdom as well as
a boy's love of fun."

     Joel's words of affection and praise are conveyed to Winwood and Steve
turns a deep crimson, literally hiding behind his lapel.  "Stop !" he pleads,
"You're embarrassing me !  Billy was even kind enough to invite me to go to
Russia with him on his special trip, which I would have loved, but with my
marriage and the new album and setting up home here and in the States, we've
been tied up for quite a bit."

Eric J. Brown

From: "Andy Tuxen" 
Subject: The Christmas song and Chris Wood??
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 23:52:07 -0600

Well, i am back to Wisconsin, for a while, things are not going so well so far,
but we will see, i know most of us probably heard the Christmas song that Steve
sings, it is a very lovely song, very strong, and traditional.

First of all, i totally agree with Melle on the shortage of the song,

Now, i do not know , how many of us noticed this, but that song, i presume is
an old English Christmas song, sung by the gypsies, it was also sung by Elaine
WATERSON, now that last name should ring a bell for some of you, our very
own "John Barleycorn must die", was a traditional song brought in by Chris
Wood, from the group "WATERSONS". So maybe Steve went down to his
dusty basement and found the song, which was initially brought to his attention
by the "greatest" horn blower in rock, himself.

Oh, by the way there is another cool song on the Christmas album by Sheryl
Crow, "Blue Christmas". A very nice song. OK, i admit it, Crow is the hottest
babe in the rock music business today.


From: "Andy Tuxen" 
Subject: Capaldi lyric challenge,
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 00:14:28 -0600

	Ok, here is an obvious one for me, now i know some of you want to
know who "Midland Maniac" was written for, well i do not really mind, it is up
to us,, i love the song anyway. Here is a better challenge for you.

In his album, "The sweet smell of success", Nicola ( father of rock) Capaldi,
has a song called: "Everyman must march to the beat of his own drum".

The song goes like this.

We started out with a lot of hope and great expectations
'4' young souls walking out along life's winding road
with love in our hearts and the radio playing "Good Vibrations"------
O it seemed so easy then when we were sharing each others loads
but as the road got rough it seemed to change everyone of us
until we could not see
what we'd become
It did not take so very long to reach this situation
when someone took a step and left the others on their own
and they just could not understand his new direction
or the need he was feeling
to work things out on his own
but personalities clash which leads to confusion
where we refuse to see that the games that we are playing
Oh we play so egotistically!!!!!

Now who is this song  for? 2 alternatives.. Mason who left the band, or Steve
who went on to form BF with Clapton, without really telling the rest and
leaving them in the lurch.   Any ideas????

And as far as that lady is concerned, as "Father Capaldi" always says:

Now i did my best to please you woman
lord knows i surely did,
but when you get me with your high class friends you said
i acted like a kid
Well i never wore no silk on my back
I can not afford those 500$ suits
but there is one very important thing that i have got
my pedigree is solid baby from the roots.


From: "Andy Tuxen" 
Subject: Personal observations..
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 00:27:37 -0600

Angie,, please, Capaldi can never be unnoticed, do not say that,, he is one of
the greatest rock figures ever, i know many musicians and groups whom he had
influenced, much more than he thinks, and more than we all know. For my
money, the impact he has on all of us, is more important than, him getting
commercial notice, he is a legend, and hearing from him, would be like a
miracle for most of us. Plus i always felt that Jim was more close to us than
Steve, in terms of contacting.

To Tim who has an incredible top 5, song list, i have to say that i find it very
odd, the fact that he dislikes Paul  Weller, i suggest he listens to Stanley Road,
with a closer, more concentrated approach, he may appreciate it.

Tasuki is very correct, i was at the movies the other day, saw the preview of the
BB movie, a glimpse of Steve,, (no Eric,, Ha ,,Ha), he shines for a second, he
might be in the band..too/


From: "Andy Tuxen" 
Subject: Junction 7 and commercial success.
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 00:50:07 -0600

	It has been over 6 months on and off, since the release of J7, it did not
do well in the charts, i have a feeling that maybe the album was pushed to
much to become a commercial hit, not on the side of Virgin, but by Steve
himself, it was an artificial push, it sounds like it, maybe Narada persuaded
him into such path, recapturing the glory of the year 1989.

i also feel that the album is lacking one strong tune, some where in the middle,
also more rhythm guitar would have been awesome on JWHSF. I mean
Refugees did not do very good on the charts either , but it sold great, Steve is
50, money is a never a consideration, he was  never into stardom, i mean if he
wanted to be someone like Michael Bolton, he had the opportunity.

Steve is a legend, and i intend to keep him that way, for god sakes Jay, a duet
with Spice Girls, common, Lifting his career??,, The man is already there since
1968,, it sure could lift the girls but not Steve. Even Babyface, or top Class acts
like Whitney,, these are pop stars,, we are running in a different dimension,,
maybe Clapton did not understand that. However i strongly agree with Jay that
a work with Santana would be awesome, but i would give Steve a strong role in
terms of Guitar, there as well.

 Even i would go with Clapton, this is the perfect time for Winwood to
experiment, jam with old friends, i would love to see him perform with Rod
Stewart, Morris Pert, Joe Walsh and others or Brian May,


From: "Andy Tuxen" 
Subject: The Set List..
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 01:04:03 -0600

	So kill me, what can i do? I can not believe in Clapton, i want to

The concerts are over,, what is our rating?? Mine incredible,,but,,,Is everyone
happy with the set list? This is my question, i urge all of you to go back a few
posts in the archives, and check the lists that we have proposed. well not much
has changed has it, instead of the new stuff, Steve is pleasing the crowds. We
all understand that, but i personally wanted to hear (leave a side the pre-1977
stuff), Night Train, Time is running out, Take it as it comes, You'll keep on

As far as the Pre-1977, stuff is concerned, there is only one thing i would like
to say, an instrumental jam on "Tragic Magic",  we could have found out
whether the SAX player really deserved his $$$.

Well maybe i am just being selfish,,sorry.

Hey William, you still have that Winwood/Capaldi unplugged idea with that
oriental percussion, lets discuss that,, you should know that i am very keen on
Turkish Percussion.(I will be at this address until the 27 th)


From: "Andy Tuxen" 
Subject: Some Session news for those interested.
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 01:28:40 -0600

I have been searching immensely in Boston and in anywhere else basically for
any session that includes our boys.

Jim Capaldi. appears in

Luther Grosvenor --Floodgates--1996,,(i believe , brand new)
Luther Grosvenor--Under open skies--1967,,

(Luther is Jim's x-Deep Feeling band mate.)

Bad Company--Stories told and Untold--1996 or 1992 (not sure now)

Jim plays percussion here alongside R. Sambora, S. Kirke, B. Backett and
many others.

Carl Perkins--Go Cat Go--1996 (Compilation)

Rebop Kwaku Baah.appears in

Can--Saw Delight--1977,,
Wally Badarou-- Self Titled--1984(Prod By C.Blackwell)
Danny Willing/Pete Bonus--Pleasure Signals--1993

at this point , i should say that Pete Bonus, is a session guitarist and composer,
worked with Jim on many of his albums, so i guess there is the Capaldi
connection on this last one

Now, this may sound very strange for all of you, but here is what i have found,
Count Basie Orchestra--Fancy pants-- 1983.

Guess who plays on it,, Credits say ,,Alto Sax--Chris Wood, now i know that
there is another Chris Wood in the music business, and he plays Bass, and
sometimes flute, but he is a late artist, Count Basie died in 1984, and Chris in
1983, now we wish for Ellie, to enlighten us on this please ,lest my curiosity
will kill the cat for sure.

Final session, there are rumours that Winwood, Capaldi, and Mason played on
the song "Memo from Turner" originally for the soundtrack for the Jagger
movie, Performance (1968), there was such a session including Jagger of
course. but another version was cut and later was included into the soundtrack,
the Traffic/ jagger , recording is said to be put on the great Rolling Stones
album "Metamorphosis", which has never been released as a CD..

This is about it from me,, enjoy the holidays,, and a very happy new year for all
of us


Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 13:15:06 +1300
From: Murray Dreyer 
Subject: Superstar Concert

Hi Everyone

Just a short note to wish SPer's and fellow Winwoodians a very Merry Xmas
and a Happy New Year from the land Downunder.

Managed to get myself a copy of the Westwood One 2 CD Superstar Concert
series 97-33 of Traffic/Winwood via the UK. I nice Xmas present to myself!
For those of you that havn't heard it, it 2/3 features Traffic as a 3 piece in the
early 70's at the BBC and 1/3 Winwood on his 86 US Tour. All of it great Live
material and for me coming from a land of no Bootlegs the only way of hearing
not official release material

Murray D

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:21:38 -0500
From: Terry_Rush@dorland.com (Terry Rush)
Subject: Baseball cap

At Traffic's "Far From Home" tour, my wife saw what she told me is the only
baseball cap she would ever consider wearing.  It was gray and had the Traffic
logo with Far From Home Tour '94 written across the front on top of the bill,
which was red.  Is there any chance someone on this digest would know where
I could buy one of these?  At the Show, vendors wanted around $30 for them,
which at the time was impossible. I'd still rather not pay $30 apiece, but I'd first
be interested in just finding the caps in question.