VOLUME 112, sent November 25, 1997 (last date of the current tour)

Topics in this issue:
  1. Re: Traffic 7" PS
  2. Black Object
  3. NF,NN,NN/JB, Someone seeking Winwood 2 LP set
  4. Met Steve in KC!
  5. Re: Dancing
  6. Virgin's responsibility
  7. Midland Maniac and J7
  8. SW in Portland
  9. Christmas CD
 10. Top 5 tunes
 11. LA Weekly quote
 12. Traffic Review: Low Spark MOFI LP

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 21:34:38 -0500
From: Craig / Tabor 
Subject: Re: Traffic 7" PS

Michael Walsh wrote:
> Hi!  i saw your note in Smiling Phases!  I also collect Traffic PS Singles,
> but I was shocked when you said you have hundreds.  Can you mention some
> titles?  I didn't think there that many out there.  I've found mainly
> European; do you a lot from other places?   Thanks!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing.  I know it gets confusing, as it does every time I discuss
singles.  As a vinyl junkie, I collect LP and 45's from around the world, with
Traffic and SW being a big habit of mine.

I have hundreds of Traffic singles, not because they released hundreds, but I
have copies of these singles from around the world.  For example, I have 10
copies of "Withering Tree" from 10 different countries.  What was so cool
about these are the pic sleeves that normally came with them.  Pictures I had
never seen before, live shots, artwork covers, etc.  Really cool stuff.  I have 45's
from all the European countries, South America, Japan, Canada, South Africa,
Australia, etc.  And let's not forget those released right here in the USA.
Promos and how many folks out there have the US picture sleeve single to
"Hole in My Shoe"?  What I have discovered is the different mixes and takes
some of the early singles have.  In fact, some singles are different country to
country.  Fascinating stuff.

I hope that helps a bit.  If you have any other questions on this stuff, don't
hesitate to ask.  I love this stuff!! ... I was real surprised as to the response I
received by this post.  Not because of the song and an unusual version, but the
collectors that wanted to respond to the picture sleeve remarks.  To be honest,
in my years of collecting, I have not found many folks that collect these singles
like myself and they really are one of the coolest aspects of collecting. Very

And, to be honest, I am a bit nervous regarding Steve's place in the industry
and what may be in the future.  Let's face it, he has a great family and he
understandably wants to be there.  He's also a musician and I hope that fire still
burns.  I have been listening and playing guitar with a bunch of his stuff lately
from all periods and it's really been a blast.  I guess I just want him to be
around for a while.  I need his music, his voice, and his inspiration to keep
grounded.  To "lose" him to low CD sales and low concert turnout (aka apathy),
would be crushing.

I am very into this recent trend of musicians marketing themselves directly to
their fans.  Many new bands are doing it because of their age and internet
savvy, but I am very encouraged by the "older" groups and musicians doing the
same thing by going into their archives and releasing snapshots of their career
that are not only appealing to the fans, but because they are marketed directly,
the price can be held down and the artists and all involved with the release
makes some cash by needing to sell much less of a quantity.  Recent examples
include the Allman Brothers, "Fillmore East, March 1970", and Crosby/Nash,
"A Very Stoney Evening, 2/11/71".  Both artists have big label commitments
for new releases, but are releasing wonderful archive material that excites the
fans (who need to generate the excitement) who in turn, excites others around
the fans.  Let's face it, it's the fans that are the foundation to any artist and their
longevity. ...

A big, big thanks for the great concert reviews of late.  It seems this tour is
catching fire as it moves across the country.  I know we're a bias lot, but that
the fun in it, right?  Three nights in Chicago..........jeeeesss, some guys have all
the luck!


Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 21:09:55 +0000
From: gcoe@attmail.com (Gregory D Coe)
Subject: Black Object

Perhaps you can pass this on to Sharon asking about "Is that somewhat baby
grand shaped black object a strange Fender Rhodes or what?"

In Chicago (10-29) I was right there camped out in front of "it".  It was a  baby
grand "case" with a keyboard (Fender Rhodes?) laid in where the regular  keys
would be.  It was tempting to reach out and help him play ... :-) but he  didn't
need any help.  By the way, did you catch how his legs get swinging when the
tunes get rockin'?


Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 15:34:30 -0800 (PST)
From: thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject: NF,NN,NN/JB, Someone seeking WINWWOOD 2 LP set

I was just listening to my Traffic Smiling Phases CD and you know No Face,
No Name, No Number is one of the prettiest tunes SW wrote. BTW; I live in
S.F. Ca. and a few blocks up the street from me is a pub called...JOHN

Someone on this list ( I lost the email address) was seeking SW Winwood 2 LP
set. I got 2 US U.A. first prints. Mail me privately if interested.

Thxs j7

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 22:16:24 -0600
From: Kenny 
Subject: Met Steve in KC!

Hello Winwood Fans-

I am new to Bobbie's list and I certainly am pleased to have run across all of
your postings.  I belong to several other massive lists and was really glad to
find a Winwood list.  Steve has been one of my favorites since I first heard his
voice on Keep On Running.

Well on to the meeting.  First off, I don't think I could add anything else on the
concert itself.  I thought the set list was a great mix of old and new.  I even
thought he was better this time than when I had seen him at Starlight Theater
in 86-Of course it rained a foot and that might have had something to do with

When I heard that Steve was coming to KC, I rang up an associate that I work
with in corporate America who had met Steve in Nashville (where my co
worker and Steve live) and told him to come up and we could see him here and
come to the home office.  We didn't think it was going to work out due to a
conflict that he had, but the day before the concert-he got it worked out and
called Steve's wife for tickets.  We not only got tickets but a backstage pass too.
After the show we got to meet Steve and drank most of his beer!  HA   Many of
the band members joined and we had an outstanding time.  I really felt that
Steve was actually glad to talk to someone other that musicians and IM sure he
was glad to see someone from home.

He talked a lot about his kids, hunting and how he loved his home in Nashville.
I was probably the only music fanatic of the group.  So we talked a little about
the new record and requested that he not wait so long in between recordings.  I
would love a live recording from this tour!  hint hint.

I have run on too long now but just wanted you all to know what a really great
person he is and lets hope for junction 8, 9 10 etc.!!


From: KristinArt@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 15:26:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Dancing

 Ellie,  I AGREE!!!!!!!! I love your letter about dancing at the concert--I
too, am thirty-some--and at Steve Winwood I was THE ONLY___THE ONLY
ONE dancing!!!!!!!! ( Well-with the exception of one really STONED chick!)
      I couldn't believe that lame ass crowd!!!!!!!!!!!--The only good thing
about it was--I know Steve had to see me!!!!!!!!--I made it from the
VERY__VERY---last row--all the way down to about 10 rows back--last three
songs--I got own third row--last song--I got to second!--I was
JAMMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Steve got a good chuckle out of my niece and I
--he couldn't of missed us suddenly down front- WAVIN" OUR ARMS
JUMPIN" AND A SINGIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so BUGGED by the people front
and center--on their RUMPS!-----those people SUCK!

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 19:46:30 -0500 (EST)
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: Virgin's responsibility.

I am thinking that Virgin, owes us, they are responsible, look at the live albums
that's been released this year, amazing stuff, but no winwood stuff, A live
'Junction' performance has to be released including all the songs that have been

One other thing, in order to keep the Traffic spirit alive, the company has to
release  a "Traffic live", sort of like a double album, from the  94 tour, i mean
hearing the classics with a 90's sound and live would be exciting. (I mean a
flute solo in Mozambique,,wowww)

One final point , why are not there any reviews on the Christmas album, and
the Winwood's song, or is everybody share my idea that spending 18 dollars on
a 2.30 minute song can wait a while.


 why does everyone think that "it should be done with reality".

From: Paul Clark 
Subject: Midland Maniac and J7
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 97 01:11:42 GMT

Greetings again from England.

Interested  in some of the comments about Midland Maniac and Junction 7,
perhaps you guys and gals may not be aware that the Midlands (i.e. the area
around Birmingham, England) and Junction 7 (often referred to as Spaghetti
junction by the locals because spaghetti is what it looks like) is the motorway
(turnpike to you on the other side of the pond) is the exit nearest to Steve's
family origins in Birmingham, England.

Steve seems to be much bigger in the US these days for obvious reasons, but of
course I go back to about 1963 when he was fifteen years old and a member
(the young member) of the Spencer Davis Group. At that time they were great
fans of John Lee Hooker and I remember Steve singing "Dimples". Brilliant.

best regards
Paul Clark

From: RRopek@aol.com
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 20:16:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SW in Portland

I went to see SW last night ! (Arlene Schnitzer Auditorium - Portland) It was
great.  The J7 stuff  went over well - and SW was as animated as I've ever seen.
He seemed awed and super happy with the audience response - we were all
bopping for at least half the show.  Of course, the expected "Gimme Some
Lovin'" ended the show  As many times as I have heard it, I have never thought
of it as a '"deep" song - but it seemed so last night - Steve literally tore into the
song, playing these terse, manic runs on the organ, and when he got to the line
"so glad we made it", he turned and beamed at the audience.  It seemed to
connect everything together from the whole evening - just a perfect, sublime
moment - and a great ending.

Now, when do those Traffic rehearsals begin ?


Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 22:03:22 -0600
From: Steven Robert Seim 
Subject: Christmas CD

I just recently bought the new Very Special Christmas CD with Steve doing
"Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand."  It's a very beautiful, Christian
song.  If you haven't purchased the CD yet, it's worth the money (that song,
I mean--I'm not real optimistic about the rest of the disc).

As usual however, while our hero's voice is unsurpassed in passion and soul,
it (perhaps as an inevitable result) is lacking in clear pronunciation, and
(surprise!) I'm having some trouble making out all of the lyrics (which are
not printed out).  Does anyone have the lyrics to this song (the liner notes
say it's an ancient song sung by gypsies in the English Midlands)?  Thanks.


[I've put all the lyrics I can figure out on to the web-site, but I would sure
appreciate any additional input there! -BG]

From: Tim John Dickinson 
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 09:30:37 GMT
Subject: Top 5 tunes

Well looking back at the archives I suppose, for my first post, I'll give you my
top 5 Traffic tunes.

1 Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory
Great Guitar work, the distant flute has always haunted me for some reason.

2 Dream Gerrard
Mad lyrics, only Viv Stanshall could come up with something like that.
Capaldi's drumming is impressive as well.

3 Low Spark (original)
Yes, I know, they're all 1970s Traffic songs but I can't fault this one. (Even if
Winwood hits, what sounds to me, like a couple of duff notes during the piano
solo.)  "YEAH, Yeah, yeah, yeah"

4 Tragic Magic (On the Road)
I love Chris Woods work.  Superb percussion. "Swans, Swans, more Swans" -
whatever that may mean.

5 Something New
This has never come across to me as very Trafficy, but a very uplifting melody
with lovely Piano work means this will do nicely.

By the way thanks Dan and Ellie for the article on Chris Wood's Vulcan.  For
an obsessive Wood maniac this was essential reading as I have always
wondered what went on in his life after Traffic (aside from poor health.)  Poor
guy.  He never came across as a true rock star to me, just a guy who liked to
produce good work.

From: Winwoodie@aol.com
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 17:39:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: LA Weekly quote

Just days before the LA concert (to be on 11-25) the LA Weekly said in it's
pick of the week concerts: "Of all the skinny white guys who play soul-funk,
Steve Winwood is the one who continues to blow people away."  :)

Craig Loudon

Date sent:        Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:17:44 -0800 (PST)
From:             thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject:          Traffic Review: Low Spark MOFI LP

Traffic The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys/ Mobile Fidelity

This classic Traffic release from '71 is a sonic experience on Mobile Fsdelity's
Anadisc 200 LP. I have not experienced this release on CD yet, but on this
limited high end vinyl format it is stunningly warm with all the sonic clarity
that you'd expect from a good quality LP in the first place. The congas are
crisp, the bass has so much depth yet remains it's subtle texture! Man, you can
hear every snap of the cymbal & hi hat work. The entire spectrum of the music
sweeps around you and captures you in your own little Traffic jam! For a tour
de force sonic workout just listen to the title cut and "Rock & Roll Stew".

Jay Siekierski