VOLUME 108, sent October 23, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Making it clear.-
  3. Easton show
  4. Top 5
  5. Book
  6. Soul of the Road
  7. J7 reaction
  8. Schenectady show
  9. Traffic tree
 10. Easton show
 11. SW etc
 12. CD giveaway
 13. UNICEF, canceled concerts, and GQ
 14. RE Ellie-Bootleggers


From:             "Elena Iglio" 
Subject:          Making it clear.-
Date sent:        Sun, 19 Oct 1997 19:34:49 +0200

Ok, I think I must make it clear that I am absolutely against "purely
commercial" music - even if, living the business from within, I must, alas,
disillusion all those who believe in the absolute artistic integrity on any
musician's part - what artist doesn't want success, acclaim, people to buy
his/her record or his artistic expression being praised and acknowledged? -
Those who deny that are hypocrites.

I was happy and satisfied Steve acted the way he did when not taking into
account moneymaking in his artistic choices, but I can't agree when he
inexplicably stopped some interesting and creative artistic projects, plus in
many cases acting in a totally selfish way, ignoring his bandmates, people he
started projects with, their artistic expression and collaboration, while at the
same time telling the press things like "I don't dictate". Of course he was free to
go his own way and record such jewels as "Second Hand Woman" or "It was
happiness", but anybody will agree sometimes his ARTISTIC choices seemed at
least questionable.

Though  firmly convinced that they still give me the creeps after 16 years, I
respect Anthony's opinion about the synths on "Arc of a Diver" and "Talking
Back...". I was always democratic and very respectful of minorities' rights;-)

Yours truly

From:             "Elena Iglio" 
Subject:          PRIMUS
Date sent:        Sun, 19 Oct 1997 19:37:02 +0200

Primus are a very interesting US band, played Lollapalooza - I guess
American SPers know about this very famous yearly  open air festival
organized since 1992 by Perry Farrell, ex Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros'
singer- some of you could have seen him on Woodstock 94 -  and their bass
player, Les Claypool, is considered one of the best today. They are collaborating
actually with Alice in Chains's guitarist Jerry Cantrell in the making of his first
solo album.

Wow, Berk, you're young, you should know this more than me or Winwood!!!:-


From:             Shaft51@aol.com
Date sent:        Sun, 19 Oct 1997 16:24:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:          Easton show

On Friday, Oct. 17, I caught Steve Winwood at the State Theater in Easton,
PA. First of all, the theater was obviously turn of the century and restored to its
original beauty. Gorgeous place for a show.

The show started a little after 8 p.m., and when it started cooking, it didn't stop.
Steve was truly outstanding, in every song. I like the new guitar solo on "While
You See a Chance" and the sax parts in "The Finer Things." I also enjoyed
hearing "Freedom Overspill" and "Can't Find My Way Home."

The J7 tracks sounded fantastic, particularly "Let Your Love Come Down,"
"Gotta Get Back to My Baby" and "Spy." (I don't care what anyone says, I
think that's a great song).

The one thing that never ceases to amaze me about Steve is he graciousness.
Here's a guy who's been performing most of his life, and yet seems almost shy
while addressing the crowd and yet so genuinely touched with the ovation he

I wish critics would lay off and give him a break. He performs pleasant
sounding, well-played music, and to top it off, he's a nice guy. Let's credit him
with that and being a fine performer.


From:             Bill Burns 
Subject:          Top 5
Date sent:        Sun, 19 Oct 1997 17:48:33 -0400

I've been a Winwood fan since 1986 when I heard "Back in the High Life
Again". I grew up in Montana, therefore never envisioned myself getting the
opportunity of seeing him live.  I saw Winwood and Capaldi in 1994. Capaldi
has seen better days......one too many Traffic gigs of old creeping up on the ol'
boy.  At any rate, they sounded tight, and I was overwhelmed.  Now after ten
years of enjoying the "Back in the High Life" album I will see them October
26th in Cleveland, OH.  Can't wait to here his solo stuff.  I noticed someone
said he didn't play "Valerie".  That would be tuff, as it is my favorite tune.

I've put a lot of thought into my top five list and here it is:
 #1 - Valerie      (the original version.....enough said)
 #2 - There's A River        (the harmony part makes for deep spiritual
 #3 - Back In The High Life Again"      (James Taylor & the mandolin make
this a classic)
 #4 - Running On    (the Hammond Organ I believe is SW's trademark)
 #5 - Georgia On My Mind    (I think he made this recording when he was
16.....if you close your eyes you can't determine whether it's Winwood or Ray

I know this list is late.......but I wanted to put some effort into it.  I have front
row balcony seats for the show in Cleveland. If any of you are going let me
know.  If not you can't miss my buddy (6'6 300 lbs - offensive lineman).  Come
up and we'll b.s.

I have one request.........a documentary of Winwood....or better yet- a Biography
of him on A&E.  Someone with connections needs to get busy.

God Bless,
Bill Burns

Date sent:        Mon, 20 Oct 1997 11:40:42 +1000
From:             PETER NUTTALL 
Subject:          Book

I also have a copy of Back In The High Life, it's definitely worth a read, a must
for all Winwood fans.


Date sent:        Mon, 20 Oct 1997 11:48:58 +1000
From:             PETER NUTTALL 
Subject:          Soul of the Road

From the line up of the band and the set list, I would guess this show is earlier
than listed. I saw Traffic in early '71 and Rick Grech had already joined by that
time, so 1970 is probably closer to the mark.


From:             "ROB" 
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:07:26 -0700
Subject:          J7 reaction

Thank you for the recent updates you have forwarded to me. Last night I finally
got a chance to buy the new CD, Junction Seven. I was really impressed. I think
the thing that impressed me most was the diversity of the album. It had some
different styles in it that usually don't accompany SW. I really enjoyed "Angel
of Mercy, Gotta get Back to my Love", Plenty Lovin', And Real Love."


From:             "Charles R. Paul"
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 1997 15:59:51 -0400
Subject:          Schenectady show

Caught SW's J7 tour at Proctors in Schenectady this past Saturday. Proctors is a
refurbished theater of 1940's vintage with superb acoustics. Typically it hosts
touring companies of Broadway shows and the like. The band and play list
were as previously reported in SP. I really enjoyed the show! A Steve Winwood
concert is like sex-- The worst I ever had was great!!

A few observations;
              1. The average age in attendance was at least 35.    Probably due to, A.
This is his audience. B Fiona Apple was across town and C Tickets were $35

.              2. SW seemed more relaxed than in previous concerts I have attended
over the last 25 years.

               3. This band is mediocre at best. The only non-SW highlight was the
trumpet solo on Low Spark.

                4. SW is like every other musician I've dealt with , they play what
and how they like. For my part I wish SW would realize his voice is the thing
people want to hear not an avalanche of drums, percussion and rhythm guitar.
Perhaps he should take a page from Rod Stewart and due an acoustic
(UNPLUGGED) set mid concert. I could provide the playlist.

 I know the time is long since passed that you were looking for Top 5 but I'd
like to offer mine. In no particular order

1. Nobody Loves you... SDG.  Ray Charles never sounded so good! I've actually
made money betting on this.

2. 40,000 Headmen       This is where it began for me.

3. No Face, No  Name...    This is how good he can sound.

4. I Will Be Here....  The spiritual/gospel roots and the overall message are
simply delicious.

5. Freedom Overspill      Great Groove and lots of space.


[My thanks to Charles, who emailed the Times-Union review, which I uploaded
onto the web-site.  --BG]

From:             "Gary Ames" 
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 1997 21:24:45 +0000
Subject:          Traffic tree

The tree is now closed , but I will need a few days to finalize... I'm swamped at
work and the tree has proved a bit difficult as  people have signed up and also
come to me from the tree page , few have specified whether they want to be
branches or leaves - it will be a strange looking tree!!


From:             "Cathi & Jim Kinsky" 
Subject:          Easton show
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 97 23:00:59 PDT

State Theatre, Easton, PA  October 17, 1997

It's been three years since the Traffic tour, and six years since the last solo tour,
so I was completely jazzed to have the J7 tour come to my hometown of Easton,
PA!  The State Theatre is an historical landmark, and is a big draw in our
town.  I got tickets the day the show was announced, and lucked out with 2nd
row seats on the center aisle.  After two long months of waiting the day of the
show was finally here!  I wore an outfit I bought especially  for the event (long
sleeved red silk shirt and black pants) and as I was unaware of the tour
wardrobe, had a good laugh when Steve walked onstage wearing the same

The show started about a half hour late, and no introduction was made. Steve
and the band simply walked on stage and flew into "I'm a Man."  They played
several songs without stopping, then finally paused to receive a thunderous
ovation from the crowd.  I could tell that this type of venue and the crowd was
more restrained and sedate than say, NYC or Philly.  I wanted to stand and
dance the entire show, but resigned myself to chair-dancing and singing until I
was hoarse.  The following is the set list, which has remained basically the
same throughout this tour:

I'm a Man
Roll With It
Freedom Overspill
While You See a Chance
Angel of Mercy
Spy in the House of Love
Let Your Love Come Down
Gotta Get Back to My Baby
Plenty Lovin'
Can't Find My Way Home
Low Spark
Finer Things
Family Affair
Just Wanna Have Some Fun
Higher Love

Back in the High Life Again
Gimme Some Lovin'

The band really grooved, and I was jamming and singing along the whole
show, but I could tell that not many were into the new stuff.  I think maybe so
many new songs in one chunk tends to weigh down the show instead of helping
it to soar.  Out of the whole crowd, I was the only one who brought flowers, and
placed them on the stage where he could see me.  I really wanted to jump
onstage and grab a tambourine and join in, but that, my friends, will get you
tossed out on your ear!

As I guess has always been his way, Steve seems so shy about being a front
man, and instead likes to blend in with the back up band. There were some
shining moments where he seemed to forget himself and become totally
absorbed in the music, such as:  the piano solo on Low Spark, the soulful Angel
of Mercy, and when he began to dance (yes, actually dance!) during the
instrumental jam on Back to My Baby.  It is these beautifully sweet moments
where his true soul shines through and touches you.  It is these brief moments
that make the long waits between tours worthwhile!

The show peaked with Higher Love, as this was the only time Steve came out
to the edge of the stage.  This encouraged people to their feet and got them
dancing in the aisles.  This show was a great success, and to a first timer I'm
sure it was totally mesmerizing. I, like others, had hoped for a few rare ones as
special treats, although I do appreciate the work on J7. The new songs sound
great live.  Steve has such a tremendous body of work to choose from, I guess it
is difficult to decide on a set list that will give something to the widest range of
people.  I think the smaller venue shows give a much more personal edge to the
performance than an arena show, and until he invites us all to Cotswold for a
private concert, I guess we'll have to be satisfied.

After the show, the theater held a raffle to win a poster and go backstage to
meet Steve, and have it autographed.  Unfortunately, I didn't win. (Boo Hoo!)  I
bought the tour shirt with him on the front standing next to a car.  My only
dislike about the show is why no tourbooks???  With the strict rules and
security at venues these days, it's so hard to sneak in a camera and actually get
some pics.  I wish that they would lighten up! Until then, the only other
alternative is a collector tourbook.  I have books from 86, 88, 91, and 94, and
really wanted one from this tour.  How about dropping the $25 hats, and
providing fans with a worthwhile keepsake?

All in all, I had an excellent time and I'm so glad to have other fans to share
my thoughts with.  Thanks Steve for all you give to us, and thanks Genia for
your generosity in sharing your husband with the rest of the world!

Keep Shining!
Dawn S.

From:             Operanut@aol.com
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 1997 19:13:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:          SW etc

Thanks for getting your Internet connection straightened out.  Thanks for being
so conscientious about sharing your obsession with the rest of us SW nuts.
About Ellie & SW's unpredictable band-leaving:  Doesn't she need to cool her
jets?  So what if SW doesn't care about making money?  There are plenty of
stresses to being a star that we anonymous folks can only guess at. Like not
being able to go grocery shopping, go out in public without being bothered and
hassled.   I have bad days too when I get grumpy and rant and rave about stuff
that really isn't my problem.  I think Ellie is taking it way too personally.

  I was thoroughly amazed that he let In Style take pics of his estate, his wife,
his horses and his kids, since rich folks are paranoid these days about the public
(with good reason-- Princess Di's death being the horrible example).

   Well, I tracked down tickets for Austin (I can buy them in Houston even tho
Ticketmonster isn't doing it) so I won't have to drive to Ft. Worth, and my
daughter will be on a Girl Sprout camping trip that weekend, so I can go to
Austin which is closer, without worrying about taking her along.  Besides, I
have things to do on the Barbara Jordan project in Austin (like hit the LBJ
School of Public Affairs and the State Cemetery) so I can mix biz and pleasure.
Ahhh! Things are going to work out after all.  And I might have money left
over for a wild luxury weekend at Motel 6.

   Hope I see some other SP subscribers there so I can meet somebody on the
mailing list.  Is anyone else you know planning on going to the Austin concert
on Nov. 7th??  Thanks.

Sharon Gray

Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 1997 21:06:56 -0700
From:             thesonics 
Subject:          CD giveaway

hi bobbi; just want to let you know, mobile fidelity will be sponsoring a traffic
gold cd giveaway. one cd for one winner, possibly up saturday night!

From:             "BobbieG." 
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Oct 1997 23:05:21 -0700
Subject:          UNICEF, canceled concerts, and GQ

Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Steve
Winwood, George Michael, the Fugees and others will appear Dec. 10 at New
York City's Beacon Theatre to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the US
Committee for UNICEF. "The Gift of Song" concert, to be carried live on the
TNT network, will raise funds for the US Committee and the United Nations
Children's Fund. The event will be produced by Ken Ehrlich, the man behind a
similar concert at the United Nations in 1979. That "Gift of Song" event, which
included the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart and Donna Summer and was subsequently
marketed via a double album, has raised more than $10 million to date.

An Alert Subscriber informed me that the concerts for Oct 21, 22, and 24 were
canceled because Steve is ill. Has anyone else heard this, or is anyone else
effected?  Full refunds are promised, which makes it probable that the venues
will not be re-scheduled.

For those of you with no web-access, the Official Site recently reported that
Steve recently performed at the Second Annual Gentleman's Quarterly "Men of
the Year" celebration. Along with David Bowie, Steve provided the musical
entertainment for such honorees as Tom Cruise and Peter Jennings. The event
was held at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Steve played "Higher Love"
and "Back in the High Life Again."


Date sent:        Thu, 23 Oct 1997 10:47:15 +1000
From:             PETER NUTTALL 
Subject:          RE Ellie-Bootleggers

I can understand your concerns at making certain material available.  Maybe it
would be possible to differentiate between the sort of material, e.g..
"bootlegs\recordings" already available through general release and recordings
acquired by other means, such as TV and radio shows.  The first category could
be made available to all, this would give people the opportunity to get hold of
stuff which is just hard to find nowadays. The second category would only be
shared on a one-to-one basis, and left totally to the discretion of the provider.
This comes purely down to a matter of trust, one would have to decide what
material would be made available and to whom, the list may differ person to
person.  This may demand a lot of goodwill in the case of the provider (not to
mention heaps of work, though the receiver should be patient and grateful) but
we are talking about a non-profit operation here.  This may not be an ideal
solution to the problem, I do hope it provides food for thought.