VOLUME 107, sent October 19, 1997

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  3. Winwood review - Boston Globe 10/14/97
  4. Concert Report
  5. The Orpheum  Concert
  6. Praise from an unexpected source
  7. Replies to Manolito and Tim Dickinson
  8. Long time, no post!

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 20:53:40 -0400
From: susan malanowski 
Subject: Concert review

What a great concert and it was good to see him in a smaller venue than a large

We sat right near the computer with the play list, so I got that out of the way
before it began.  There were two additional songs on the list that he did not
play, so that was disappointing.

"Stuff" (per the computer, the intro prior to I'm a man)
I'm A Man
Roll With It
Freedom Overspill
While You See a Chance
Angel of Mercy
Spy in the House of Love
Let Your Love Come Down
Gotta Get Back To My Baby
Plenty Lovin'
Can't Find My Way Home
Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys
Glad (with Latin jam)
Finer Things
Family Affair
Just Wanna Have Some Fun (with band intro)
Higher Love
Back in the High Life Again
Gimme Some Lovin

The extra two songs on the playlist he did not perform:
Feeling Alright

At the concert we sat next to two computers with someone (it said patrick
murphy on the equipment box) at the controls (doing what I don't know, maybe
lights).  The computer had the playlist, as each song was played that song was
lit up on one of his monitors.  Feeling Allright was the last song listed on that

One thing I forgot to mention about the concert it started 35 minutes late.  Do
you know if that was unusual for that night or standard throughout the tour?


Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 17:40:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: pharaoh@digital.net (Dave Davis)
Subject: Help!

        Hello, I don't know if you remember me...the guy with the Traffic tattoo?
(As I will be forever remembered I fear ;)  Anyway, I haven't posted in a long
while, but I still thoroughly enjoy every issue of Smiling Phases!

        Now, the reason for my writing.  I need someone's help.  I am a Traffic
enthusiast, but not a Traffic expert.  I have some questions which may prove
very challenging.  Seeing all the discussion of "tape trees" in the recent issues, I
decided to dig trough me live Traffic collection and see what I had.  One
problem, the tapes are poorly indexed and I have serious doubts on whether or
not the dates and places that I wrote on the taps are correct.  I was in such haste
to collect ALL the live material I could, I neglected to properly document the
material - and simply enjoyed the music.  I want to go through and properly
index them, accurately.  Since this material is SO hard to find on CD - even
from the overseas suppliers who get me Beatles and other boots with no
problem - I figured I had better treasure these recordings and keep them safe!
Let me try to make this is simple as possible.  I am going to list all the tapes I
have and what I wrote on them (a long time ago).  If you, or anyone else for
that matter, can tell me if a concert even actually took place on the dates listed
at the places listed, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I know this is like trying to
find a needle in a haystack, but I feel I need to at least give it a good go.  I also
doubt the tracklistings I have, they seem awfully similar in some places, even
when the concerts are years apart.  I don't know...please...anyone...help me sort
this mess out!!  Here goes :

??/??/72  Santa Monica, CA

02/04/68  Record Plant (w/Hendrix - I think there was a CD called "A

??/??/??  (I have NO IDEA on this one, all I wrote was "Empty Pages!"  Looks
to be a 70's tape by the tracks.)

06/01/72  Hammersmith Odeon, Germany

07/??/71  Hammersmith Odeon, Germany

??/??/70  Hammersmith Odeon, Germany (see, this seems odd to me - 3 shows
in 3 years, and the setlists are almost exactly alike!  I think maybe I've got the
same concert taped more than once?)

07/01/70  Fillmore West, CA (I think this may be right)

09/02/67  Stockholm, Sweden (The "Heavy Traffic" show I think.)

05/17/74  Rainbow Theater, London, England (I think one of my
"Hammersmith" shows may be part of this show - just mislabled?)

Among some of the tapes are scattered songs with the following dates,
however - they are not the complete shows, only snippets:

??/??/70  London, England (It appears, by my note on the tape - that I only
have ONE song from this show - "Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring."  I
don't know if that means the rest is floating around on one of the other tapes or

03/14/68  Fillmore West, CA (Only have "Coloured Rain" and "No Face,...")

05/08/68  Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen (Have 3 songs here.)

06/06/94  San Diego, CA (4 songs here.)

--These are just the tapes that I labeled (if you can call it that).  I have one tape
made up of live songs that I have no idea where they come from! Some of the
last material (the Copenhagen and '68 Fillmore shows) also appear on a CD I
have called "Coloured Rain."  However, I am still not sure that they are correct.
I intend to go through each tape and listen to it again to see if I can catch any
clues.  I guess what I am asking for is any confirmation or denial that a concert
actually happened on or around the above dates and locales.  I now it will
probably be impossible to do this with the tapes that only have the year on
them.  I do have tracklists for each tape (how correct they are I am not sure...)
and if you or anyone else can possibly offer some aid but need to see a tracklist
to be sure - I'll have no problem typing them in.  I know this is asking a lot, but
I though someone on the list might be able to solve my tape nightmare!
Thanks so much, and I would certainly not be offended by a simple "sorry, can't
help!" I know this is not much to go on, but I am optimistic.

--dave davis

[Dave, have you checked the Fans' Web-site?  The list of Tapes In Circulation
is pretty thorough.  Let us know if you match any there.  --BG]

Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 22:29:10 -0400
From: Craig / Tabor 
Subject: Winwood review - Boston Globe 10/14/97

MUSIC REVIEW  "Too few sparks in Winwood's show " By Steve Morse,
Globe Staff, 10/14/97

Poor Steve Winwood. He has a dilemma that most artists of his generation
have - namely, listeners who just want to hear the older songs. Winwood,
who has had a successful solo career on top of stints with the Spencer
Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith, gamely tried to debut a bunch of
new songs at the Orpheum on Sunday. ''We're going to stick with the new
stuff for a while,'' he said.

''No!'' screamed a fan near the front.

Winwood played them anyway, but judging from the response from the
2,000 fans (surprisingly, not a sold-out show), many folks seemed to
merely tolerate them rather than jump for joy.

This was a show that, frankly, was not Winwood's best. His song list was
uneven. He let his band jam too much (an endless percussion and drum
joust grew wearisome). He played too many new songs (five, at the
expense of a better career mix). And the old ones he played tended to
be the same ones he's always played. Hey, it's time to spice up the set
a little.

If you hadn't seen Winwood before, you were probably still impressed.
After all, he's uncannily talented, has a blue-eyed soul voice second to
none, and plays multiple instruments from organ and piano to electric
guitar and mandolin. The man is a monster talent. No argument there.

But if you had seen Winwood before, you may feel, as I did, that this
could have been a better show. The set list didn't have the flow of a
great Winwood evening. And where he normally does Spencer Davis
Group oldies ''I'm a Man'' and ''Gimme Some Loving'' back to back near
the encores to great effect, he split them up and opened with ''I'm a
Man,'' which landed almost like a throwaway.

There was still much to recommend, not least of all that his 10 -piece
band was a well-oiled machine. And he generously let them shine,
especially trumpeter Kevin Robinson, drummer Wilfredo Juarez (who has
played with Santana), percussionist Kevin Rickard, and singer Valerie
Chalmer, who stepped up to duet on the new ''Plenty Lovin','' singing
the part done on the album by Des'ree. Also, it was encouraging to see a
new Latin pulse in ''Back to My Baby.''

As for the older hits, though, they were very predictable. He did most
of his Top 10 hits (heck, you've got to do those) in ''Higher Love,''
''The Finer Things,'' ''Roll With It,'' and the dreamily romantic
''While You See a Chance'' (his first Top 10 hit in 1981). Otherwise, he
again did songs such as ''Freedom Overspill'' (it's better on CD, where
Joe Walsh plays slide guitar) and the long, jazzy ''Low Spark of
High-Heeled Boys,'' which extended to 20-plus minutes when the soloing
finally subsided. Cool song, but he needs to retire it a while.

It would have been nice to instead hear ''Dear Mr. Fantasy'' or ''40,000
Headmen'' from his Traffic days, especially since the Grateful Dead
repopularized them in recent years and many young people have not yet
heard the originals. And it would be nice to hear a Blind Faith song
apart from ''Can't Find My Way Home,'' which was hurt Sunday by a sound
mix that let his voice melt into the band rather than fly atop it.

Winwood also sang Sly Stone's ''A Family Affair'' (as he does on the new
album), which reaffirmed his R&B roots. An increase in R&B is the
premise of the latest tour - but that also came at the expense of a
better career mix. Did most people come to hear him sing a Sly Stone
song? I don't think so.

Moral of the story: Winwood needs to challenge his audience more. And
not just by doing new songs. The effect of Sunday's quasi-mishmash was
to make the show peak later than usual. When it finally did peak,
Winwood was fairly wondrous to behold. But this was just a B-minus show
by his standards.

This story ran on page E03 of the Boston Globe on 10/14/97.
Copyright 1997 Globe Newspaper Company.

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 09:17:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kathy Brooks 
Subject: Concert Report

I know we over here in New England were/are probably the last people in the
world to FINALLY get to see Stevie, but I thought I would give a report on
the concert for anyone interested.

Place :  Boston, Orpheum Theatre, Sunday, October 12th.  SOLD OUT
My seats were 11 rows back off to Stage Right, 3 seats from the aisle.

It was an extremely diverse crowd, spanning older, grey-haired people to
college students with those damn caps turned backwards.  Anyway...the details:

in exact order

I'm a Man
Roll With It
Freedom Overspill
While You See a Chance
Angel of Mercy
Spy in the House of Love
Let Your Love Come Down
Gotta Get Back to My Baby
Plenty Lovin'
Can't Find my Way Home
Low Spark
Free ? - not sure of the name
Finer Things
Family Affair
Wanna Have Some Fun
Higher Love

Back in the High Life
Gimme Some Lovin'

Overall, of course, he was awesome, smiling from time to time.  He was
intense, but obviously enjoying himself.  He got standing ovations for the first 4
or 5 songs.  The audience was tireless and extremely enthusiastic. The
chemistry between the crowd and Steve was amazing!  Once he started the
encore, people from the back rushed forward to the stage and filled the aisles
everywhere.  It was wild!  Definitely an awesome time.  I hope everyone that
wants to is able to catch him.

Hope this was interesting!  PS - I snuck my camera in.  If anything comes
out, I will scan it and mail it to you.  Security was extremely tight, so it
was quite a feat to manage to get anything, and with all the arms flailing
in front of me -- I'm not very optimistic!


[Kat, you are far from the last person to see him!  The last date is November 25
in LA.  --BG]

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:16:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Berkin Altinok 
Subject: The Orpheum  Concert

Well here you go, after 6 long years Steve was in front of my face again
and this time very close, i was at the balcony at the front on my feet,,
and the stage was very close since Orpheum was a small venue, full
packed ,  most above 40,, (loved  that),, few people my age,, and yes T
shirts and hats only, The T shirt design surprised me, because it was
the logo of the "Roll with it" album. you know the S and the W
intertwined ,, i have it in now,,

The concert was amazing, brilliant, and gigantically successful, i am still
in a shock. The band is awesome. Walfredo Reyes is such an incredible
Drummer, he was fantastic, Steve was in Black and had a red shirt on, the
songs were the same as before, that Sax player ,, who is he??, i mean
what a band,, and i have to agree that "Junction" stuff sounds a lot
better, "I am a man" was great, really sound was awesome, i am especially
pleased by the way they delivered "The finer Things", but the high point
of the concert was an unbelievable version of "Low Spark", 2 jazzy solos,
one by Steve on Piano, and the other one on the Trumpet, i was crying, i
think,,  Glad was full of percussion, ladies were cool,,,

at the end of each song i was yelling,, and even during songs,, i 100 %
sure he heard me, and heard everyone else,, at an instance where there was
silence i yelled "Capaldi kicks",,  it was so cool,, the best day in the
US for me, yet and ever to come, probably,,

Can't find my way home was so spiritual. he played a black semi-acoustic
guitar on the song it delivered shivers to our spines (i say it did to

Conclusion ,, go see it,, must event, best solo tour ever,

PS: during Law spark, he was biting his lip, and his legs were like Ray
charles ,, never seen that before,  and it was the original lyrics,,,


Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 22:26:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Alan Woontner 
Subject: Praise from an unexpected source

I was listening to rapper Chuckie D. of the seminal rap group Public Enemy
being interviewed on National Public Radio. The interview concluded with
Chuckie. D being asked about what  he is currently listening to. He reeled
off a list of  Motown and Memphis soul CD collections and few arcane
rappers and  then concluded his list with "anything from early Traffic, you
know that groovy little group with Stevie Winwood" He then talked about how
he wished he could sample their music in his latest recordings but didn't
want to pay for the sampling fees.

Alan Woontner

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Replies to Manolito and Tim Dickinson
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 16:10:05 +0200

TO Manolito:

The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys was just a title of a book the Dutch
Director Antoine Coyas was reading in Morocco during the shooting of a
movie called Nevertheless, whose soundtrack was to be written by Traffic
(It never happened, though) Capaldi just thought it was the right sounding
title for the musical piece Steve had just composed. So it's just a nice
sounding ensemble of words. The song is about music industry shattering the
dream of integrity and the importance of the Spirit in all things.

TO Tim Dickinson:

Santa Monica 1972 last 64 mins. (Channel 5 movie productions). The lineup
is Steve, Chris, Jim, Reebop, Dave Hood on Bass and Roger Hawkins on
drums. The set is: The Low Spark - Light up or leave me alone - John
Barleycorn- Rainmaker - Glad - Freedom Rider - 40,000 headmen - Dear Mr.

The film is taken from 2 shows and I suspect there are more tracks that
were edited out. It is still available in Europe. I've got 3 copies of it and a
laserdisc Japanese version.

From: RSMarcolin@aol.com
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 10:51:24 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Long time, no post!

      I can't even remember which SP issue I last saw was, so I was shocked
to see it hit the century mark!  Congratulations!  My access to email isn't
quite what it was a year ago, but I try to get on when I can.  Anyway, I saw
Steve twice in NYC (where I now live) at the Irving Plaza (with Lenny
Kravitz) back in June and contemplated going to his show at the Beacon on
10/7, but I couldn't afford the 50$.  I tried to persuade a worker at the
theatre to let me in the day before the show while out for my evening jog
down Broadway, just to check out the stage, but I was rebuffed.  From the
sounds of some of the SP posts I've read, Steve really hasn't changed the
show very much since June with the exception of Valerie being played.
 Overall I have really grown to like J7 and the "heavier" version of Come Out
and Dance on the Spy single is great!
      Well, that's all from the big apple.  Congrats again on 100 and here's
to many more!

          -Bob Marcolini