VOLUME 104, sent October 8, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. NEWS FLASH!!!
  2. Stubborn Steve....
  3. Tape tree/Concerts
  4. Re: In Style
  5. stray thoughts
  6. Minneapolis concert
  7. Better Late than Never

From: "BobbieG." 
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 10:52:55 -0700
Subject: News Flash

SW will appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien TONIGHT, October 8, on
NBC.  The show airs at midnight in most areas.


From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: Stubborn Steve....
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 19:34:47 +0200

Well, Ed...

Had Steve Winwood ever heeded his fans advice as for the artistic/musical
direction to take according to the acceptance of his albums, Traffic would
have been like Rolling Stones, don't you think????
Steve listens to no one but his own  - sometimes stubborn - head! When he
thinks he's fed up with a project and some other fields must be explored he
just goes for it, no matter what! He didn't even stop to think what the
effects of his behaviour will be on the people working with him. Spencer
Davis, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, Clapton, Ginger Baker, and yessir, poor old
Will Jennings could tell you something about this.... Did Steve ever listen
to anyone telling him  - and I can tell you the feeling was almost
UNIVERSAL - that the synths solos on Arc sounded terrible? The answer was
"Talking back to the night"! Did he care when he left moneymaking Spencer
Davis Group at the climax of their highlight to experiment with not-so
-commercial Traffic - mind you, he wasn't responsible for "Hole in my
Shoe"?  Did he have any scruples in breaking up Blind Faith's
goldmine?? Also, Traffic two's thoughtful trail, interesting and promising
as it was, was stopped abruptly to revert to entertaining music.....

Well I guess bills must be paid, but Winwood's artistic choices weren't
always dictated by moneymaking sprees in my opinion. On the contrary, they
may have proved financially disastrous!!!

Take Care

Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 13:11:11 +1000
Subject: Tape tree/Concerts

I think Gary's suggestion of tape trading is a great idea. This would
certainly give real fans (like ourselves) the opportunity to get hold
of material which, for various reasons, may not be available in their
country of residence. As some of you may have gathered, I'm
especially endeared to early Traffic material and would give an arm
and a leg to get hold of some of the live stuff available from the '67
to '71 period.  I really hope this takes off.

It's encouraging to read all the concert reviews in SP recently. With
J7 seemingly not very high on people's Winwood list (mine included),
it appears the songs come over better when performed live. I can't
wait 'till Steve hits Australia sometime next year. (23 years is a
long time between catching a live show)


Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 09:16:46 +0200
From: "Taguchi, Makiko (AGPC)" 
Subject: Re: In Style

Some of the SP subscribers are mentioning about the Style magazine
article, and I'm dying to see it!! I live in Rome, and as far as I'm
concerned, I don't think the magazine is available here...or is it,
Ellie?? Can someone send me a copy of the article, or tell me how I can get the
magazine (is it still in stores)? Thanks!


Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 23:25:16 -0500
From: koki9@postoffice3.bellatlantic.net
Subject: stray thoughts

I just love the new additions to the SP page! Of course, I am particularly
proud of the Desert Island game (having been there when it was conceived,
LOL!), but I love that the page has expanded to give those other wonderful
Traffic boys their due!  I don't think that anyone would argue with me that
Traffic was a successful THREE-way effort, with a revolving cast of extras!

Thank you Ellie, Angie C. and Steph Wood for the lovely articles and bio
information. And, as always, thank you, Goddess, for bringing together this
place for us all to get information, entertainment and friendship!

Now, a couple of stray thoughts for you all:

Why do interviewers keep asking Steve if he has any advice for the Spice
Girls?? Yeah, they are label-mates, but doesn't this sort of hearken back to
the lame-o questions that interviewers used to ask the Beatles: "When are
you going to get a haircut?" or "What do you think of the United States?"
or "What do you like for breakfast?"   UGH!  And please, I beseech thee,
God of All Interviewers (if they have one, a rather godless bunch from the
looks of it), make them stop talking about how young he looks "for his
age"! What is he, Dick Clark? Jack Lord? Give the man a break! OK, he looks
terrific, now drop it already!

Why not ask him what current music he is listening to? How does he decide
which instrument to play on what song while touring? Which artist hasn't he
met yet about whom he would get nervous before being introduced? Does he
ever get nervous or distracted while performing?  What was the weirdest or
most screwed up thing that ever happened while he was onstage?  Are there
any things that fans do that really annoy him (so we know what NOT to do!

And instead of the Spice Girls, does he have any advice for, say, the
Hansons? Especially Taylor, who is in a position which is at least a bit
closer to that of Steve's when he first came out with Muff's band or the
very beginning of SDG? (Please, please, before you all pummel me to death,
realize that I am comparing their comparative positions in the music
business, NOT their songs or musicianship!)

Is there anyone he is dying to play with? Would he ever be in a band again,
aside from Traffic?  Blah, blah, you get the idea. You may not think that
my questions are any better than the Spice Girls question, but I for one
would LOVE to read an interview with Steve on these and many other topics.
Or better yet, a POST from Steve! (Yeah, I know, I know, but I'll just keep
dreaming :)

Last thought: Beware of strangers bearing gifts.  Translation:  Just
because someone in a chatroom says that they have extra tickets to a Steve
concert, do not believe that it is so until you are holding them in your
own hand!  Some guy came into the chatroom the other night professing to
have extra tickets to the Saturday Atlantic City show, only to end up not
having them after all.  I must admit that he had me going for a while, but
all in all no real harm done. Just a little bruise to the ego for having
fallen for this senseless scam. A small, pointless cruelty. :(

Take care of yourselves!


Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 20:52:26 -0500
From: OLIVE@mnhep1.hep.umn.edu
Subject: Minneapolis concert

I have 2 extra tickets to Steve's show in Minneapolis Nov. 2.
They are 13th row (L) sect. 3 seats 1 and 2. They are aisle seats though not
center (not the far isle either). I got these 2 and then I was
able to get front row seats (Lucky me) so these 2 became spare.


Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 08:38:12 +1300
From: Murray Dreyer 
Subject: Better Late than Never

Talk about ask the impossible, to select my 5 most favourite SW songs
out of the 100's that are my favourites. Oh well here I go!

They're not in any particular order but as they came to mind.

#1 "There's a River": An all time great non media event that struck me
the first time I heard it on Radio as one of the most pure Winwood
dirges you could ever hope for.

#2 "Midland Maniac": I still don't understand what it's really all about
but the song never ceases to amaze me. It's structure, balance and
feeling are as breathtaking and as "winwoody" (is there such a word?) as
you can get.

#3 "Far from Home": Has that old Traffic feeling about it and represents
for me the further evolution of the Traffic/SW sound. My sort of stuff.

#4 "Dear Mr Fantasy": A reflection of the times when it was first
released an is ageless as it still sounds fresh when I hear it.(I first
heard it in my girlfriend's (now my wife) bedroom on a little Mono
Record player with her younger sister and brother whilst the girlfriend
was doing housework for her mother. I can still picture the scene in my
mind and how different the whole album sounded compared to the SDG stuff
that had occupied my mind until then).

#5 "Stevie's Blues": will always be near the top as it was the first SW
vocal/song I ever heard. (My friend had purchased a SDG single (not sure
which one now) and Stevie's Blues was the B side and from that moment we
were sold and over 30 years later I'm still sold)

So there you go, that's the first five that popped into my mind and I
never got to include, "Let me down Easy", "Georgia", "Together until the
end of time", "Who knows what tomorrow will bring", "40,000 Headmen",
"Dream Gerrard", " Low Spark..." and so on, all of which could have
easily made my five.

Better stop now or I'll mention another couple of hundred songs. They're
all fantastic, some are just stronger than others.

Thanks SW (& JC) and keep 'em coming

Murray D