VOLUME 103, sent October 2, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Christmas album, and Top 5
  2. Royal Oak on Oct 30
  3. Clearwater Show
  4. SW Review for Mobile Fidelity
  5. Re: In Style magazine
  6. Trouble reaching you
  7. RE: # 100....  Some comments
  8. speculating  on the future
  9. Chastain Park Amphitheatre
 10. Count Basie Theatre


From: jwagner@fedservco.com (WAGNER, JIM)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:43:02 -0400
Subject: Christmas album, and Top 5

Steve Winwood will be on A Very Special Christmas 3 to be released on
October 7th.  Steve contributes the track, "Christmas Is Drawing Near Again."
The Very Special Christmas series supports Special Olympics. Happy Holidays,

Although Arnie won't make the Pgh show on October 1st, I will!  I will
provide a review for SP.

Top Five Songs
1.  Gimme Some Lovin'/I'm A Man
2.  No Where is Their Freedom
3.  In the Light of Day
4.  While You See A Chance
5.  Rainmaker from Low Sparks

Take care,

From: "Will Wood" 
Subject: Royal Oak on Oct 30
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 19:35:48 PDT

Steve is playing at Royal Oak Music Theater near Detroit Oct. 30. It's a great,
intimate place to catch a show, in a great district (safe and lots of neat shops
and restaurants around), and the seats are general admission! I'm going to take
the day off from work so that I can score some front row seats!!

Yours from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
William Wood

[Spers - All 3 sites (the official one, the Virgin one, and the SP one) have the
tour dates uploaded, so be sure to check there.  I just added a couple in mid-
October, so if your town isn't yet on the list, keep checking.  --BG]

From: FFFrolic@aol.com
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 18:24:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Clearwater Show

 Great show! Everyone entered Ruth Eckerd Hall Just moments before the show
came on. I really wish i had written down the order of the songs as he was
playing them so i could give a clearer presentation on how the night went. I
also wish I remembered the names of the musicians that played with him cause
they were excellent. I know for sure he started out on the organ with I'm A Man
that began with a long instrumental. The Second Song was Roll With It. SW on
the organ and an outstanding sax player and a superb trumpet player. Steve still
sitting at the organ plays Freedom Overspill like he could do it with his eyes
closed. The next song, Can't Find My Way Home was very haunting for me to
hear live and now I like it more than I did in the past. Steve then picks up an
electric guitar and While You See A Chance sets in. Where the synthesizer solo
takes place in While You See A Chance, Steve played the guitar EXACTLY
how it goes. Steve finally speaks with a blushing smile on his face and  says "
Those were some old songs now here's some new ones" This is where I have
problems remembering what was being played when so now I will just tell you
how they where played. I believe Steve played the guitar on Angel of Mercy.
Other songs from J7 where Let Your Love Come Down, Steve on Guitar,
Family Affair, Steve on organ.....I think, Steve did not play an instrument on
Gotta Get Back to My Baby so he clapped his hands and walked around the
stage ,singing of course, sort of laughing. During Plenty Lovin he played the
guitar and sang duet with One of the Back Up Ladies. I think her name is
Valerie. I know Steve Played Spy In The House on guitar just before Let Your
Love Come Down. During Just Wanna Have Some Fun is when he introduced
the band. Each getting there turn at solo on the instrument or in the ladies case
singing "everybody on the dance floor everybody get up". And everyone did just
that :-). I believe Steve started that song on the organ. Somewhere in there
Steve played Valerie on the organ. This sounded nothing like the recorded
version, even the way he sang it, he sort of combined it with a J7 sort of tune
and I loved it. Higher Love was the hit of the night for this audience. He was
trying to talk after that but we just could not stop cheering. I have never in all
my life seen someone play the piano as he did in Glad. That's the perfect name
for that song too. I used to never even listen to it, now its one of my favorites.
Also on the piano was The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys with that relaxing
instrumental break and the best time to hear that song is live because to me it
changes all the time and his older voice fits the song much better than his
younger voice. I still never know when he's going to start singing again after
the break. Steve then leaves the stage putting the audience of 1,800 on its feet.
The crowd clapping cheering and waiting, Steve Comes back on with a
mandolin. I thought I would never get to hear Back In The High Life live and i
finally did and i loved it. There was a great violinist playing the instrumental
break to that song. Steve of course ended the night with Gimme Some Lovin on
the organ. It was a great concert and I miss him already. So you people who
still have a chance to see him............ well ya know.

PS  No  Tshirts :-(


Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 16:02:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject: SW Review for Mobile Fidelity

Hey! Those of you out there who may have dismissed former Traffic leader
Steve Winwood's first solo outing simply titled Steve Winwood issued in '77 on
Island (because of not liking it or liking it but passing on the standard Island
CD issue because of SONIC failure) have another shot at it. This time it's
available as a limited edition 24 karat gold CD from Mofi! Yes...This album is
musically good and on this exclusive gold CD a world of sounds awaits. For me
prime examples of the sonics are the Funky "Time Is Running Out"  & the
Soulful "Vacant Chair"  both of which are classic Winwood writing. The
booklet includes all the original liner notes plus a great foldout of the album
cover and a pix that was not featured in the original LP's release. Well...
LUCK'S IN so get this while it's around!

Jay Siekierski

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 22:14:07 -0500
From: koki9@bellatlantic.net
Subject: Re: In Style magazine

Have you run down to the newsstand to get In Style magazine?  I was rather
surprised that the W's let them photograph inside the house, and even more
surprised to see pictures of the children!  They've avoided so much of this
media invasion, to the best of my knowledge, that it is a surprising allowance.
(Not that I didn't run out to buy the mag as soon as you guys told me about it!)

What a house! (Drool, drool)  What a SMART investment.  See, now wasn't
that "heavy load" worth it?  It is difficult for an American to comprehend the
age of the structure.  I mean, the 11th century??  I thought that my 100+ year
old house was vaguely impressive, until now.

Seriously, it is truly lovely, and it is really nice to see them so happy. I mean,
Steve just seemed MISERABLE for many years, and a happy family life really
agrees with him.  One can really understand why he finds it so difficult to leave
the nest to go on tour.  Yes, there must be the thrill of playing in front of a live
audience, and especially in small venues full of his most vehement fans (uh, I
guess that's US!). But really, that must just marginally outweigh the discomfort
and homesickness which accompanies touring.  Which makes one that much
more thankful that he continues to tour at all.

Looking forward to seeing him on Sept 30.  Thanks to the SPers who provided
set lists.  I am all the more revved to see it now.  I had a sneaking suspicion
that the J7 material would work better live, without the studio glop as I have
said before, and I am really pleased to hear others confirm that.  Can't wait to
hear/see/feel it myself.

Oh yeah, one more thing about In Style article - I have to say that I was really
touched to hear that Jim and Chris are up on his walls. Not surprised, but


Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 12:03:01 +1200
From: Murray Dreyer 
Subject: Trouble reaching you

Didn't you get my post I sent early last week (15 Sept) for SP100? as
it wasn't included in any of the above.

[Murray, I am having a terrible time reaching you, all my emails to you bounce,
so if you see this in the Archives, or if by some chance this gets through, please
email me and we'll see what in the world is going on.

And all other SPers  - remember, when you send a post, I will acknowledge it
as soon as I see it; so if you don't get a little note from me within a day or so,
email me again with a "Hey, Bobbie, what's up?"  --BG]

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 21:46:03 +0900
From: Naoyuki Uchiyama 
Subject: RE: # 100....  Some comments

#100 was a really nice event anyone can take part in.  My favorite songs... what
a common topic for us all. 'Twas very fun to read other members' posts and
recognize that many of them feel the same. Very surprising that there's the one
who mentioned about "Look Away" , "Who Knows What Tomorrow May
Bring" or "Memories of Rock 'n' Rolla". I'm not the only one! (although I voted
the other songs.. :-)

 In the recent posts, some subscribers mentioned the "Refugees..." tour and how
nice it was (even though the album itself is not always appreciated.  Just like J7.

Ellie on "In the Light of Day":  "I thought this song at least had an interesting
structure, and after I saw SW 1991 Tokyo show where Steve performed it really
well, I thought it deserved a better fate."

You saw that show! It was the first (and only, so far) SW show that I could join
in. (The special event "American Music Award Concert Series" in Japan. Many
musicians did a stage for 1 or 2 nights  by turns. ) "In the Light of Day" really
was the highlight of his night. At that show, I first experienced the appeal of
his voice in the true meaning.

 And, a question : Where can I get the set lists of his past concerts? I'm very
interested in which songs did he play in live through the years. Is there any
book or reference? Or, do you remember some?
Naoyuki Uchiyama

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 20:25:22 -0400
From: Ed 
Subject: speculating  on the future

I don't believe I'm alone in feeling disappointed with J7. Perhaps the lack of
acceptance of J7 may be a blessing in disguise. Let's face facts, at best the
album could be considered an attempt to reach a new audience. In reality, it
failed to do that, as well as not satisfying an existing fan base. (I do not mean to
sound presumptuous, but I believe this to be true in most SW fans' minds.)
However, my point is perhaps this may bring about a change of direction
towards a less commercial output, with more emphasis on pure musicianship.
Let's hope so, I couldn't bear another trivial release from such a prolific talent.

On another note, the In Style magazine article was very interesting. Quite a
place! I sure would like to be invited to the 50th birthday party!


From: Stevsmith1@aol.com
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 02:04:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Went to the Winwood show at Chastain Park Amphitheater on Friday (9/26).
 Great show, as always!  Chastain is an outdoor venue, with enough space
between rows for small tables.  We saw lots of people who brought in their
dinner, snacks and drinks to last the evening, along with plenty of candles for
ambiance.  The crowd was noticeably older than at the club show in June,
which may have something to do with the social nature of Atlanta.  Two people
right next to us didn't really know who Winwood was, but just came out for
some good music and to mix with people.  Well, long story short, they know a
lot about Winwood now, including the Web sites and Smiling Phases!  The
show was about two hours long, consisting of:

I'm A Man
Roll With It
Freedom Overspill
While You See A Chance
Angel Of Mercy
Spy In The House Of Love
Let Your Love Come Down
Gotta Get Back To My Baby
Gimme Plenty Lovin'
Can't Find My Way Home
Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys
Glad - with latin jam
A Family Affair
Just Wanna Have Some Fun - with band intro
Higher Love
Back In The High Life Again
Gimme Some Lovin'

The audience was slow to warm up, but were on their feet for the last five or
so songs.  Steve and the band went into extended hard-core jazz segments
between the verses of "Low Spark".  While it probably would have worked
better in a club setting, it was great to hear and see Steve let loose a bit on
keyboards.  "Spy" was the best arrangement I've heard yet - immensely better
than the album version.  The whole show was a lot of fun.  I like when this
happens.  So when's the next album and tour???


Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 01:39:44 -0500
From: koki9@bellatlantic.net
Subject: Count Basie Theatre

Just now got home from Steve's Sept. 30th concert at the Count Basie Theatre
in Red Bank, NJ.  Incredible show!  I've never seen Steve so excited and
enthusiastic with the crowd! But first things first - The set list was as follows
(Very close to the set list that others have reported, I believe.):

Song				Instrument Steve Played

I'm a Man			Organ
Roll With It			"
Freedom Overspill		"
While You See A Chance		Guitar
Angel of Mercy			"
Spy				"
Let Your Love Come Down		"
Back to My Baby			none
Plenty Lovin'			Guitar
Can't Find My Way Home		Acoustic Guitar
Low Spark			Piano
Glad				"
Valerie				Organ
Family Affair			Guitar
Just Wanna Have Some Fun	Organ
Higher Love			Guitar
Back in the High Life		Mandolin
Gimme Some Lovin'		Organ

Sorry to say that during the opening number, Steve's voice seemed a bit thin.
He was gulping water like there was no tomorrow between the first few songs.
My friend and I even speculated that he wasn't feeling well. (Since we were
very close and could see him quite well, I had to assure her that he
NORMALLY looks THAT white!)

After the first couple songs, though, things completely turned around.
Whatever was ailing Steve for the opening was gone by "While You See...",
when he again played the solo parts on guitar rather than synth.

The J7 material is much better live. Much!  Steve's touring band in very tight,
and they got into a really good groove when they started with the new material.
"Angel of Mercy" in particular was beautiful, and Steve's voice was back to its
normal strong, supple self for the rest of the evening.

"Back to My Baby" was really very good live.  The drummer, percussionist
and horn players powered the song along with that Latin beat. And, contrary
to previous discussions of shows, this time Steve did not dance all that much,
and when he did his movements were NOT at all awkward. (I was holding
my breath in fear, but our lad totally acquitted himself of the charges of
hopeless dancer, IMHO!)

Low Spark was absolutely inspired tonite. Amazing!  He went off on two
separate jazzy excursions during the song, and never once got trapped into
the cliched patterns that he sometimes, once in a while, slips while
improvising. Even though some of the fools in the audience took the quiet
moments as an excuse to scream out inanities at the stage, Steve just got
into his "zone".  He was soon biting his lower lip with a far-away look in
his eyes,  as he does when he's really into it, and then when the tempo
picked up and he was thumping away on that piano, so much so that the whole
thing was shaking, his legs were just swinging around under the piano like
mad!  Roaring from quiet melancholy to loud exuberance and back again!

The guitar work ran the gamut of sweet, jazzy figures to intense rock n
roll jamming.   Beautiful, inspired playing. BTW, he seems to really like
his touring band, a group of talented multi-instrumentalists.

As in most theatres, dancing in the aisles was really discouraged here, but
it is difficult to enforce, especially as the bar is open throughout the
show. Well, as Steve sang  "Just Wanna Have Some Fun", with the lines
"Everybody keep moving, everybody get up - Don't want anybody, telling me
and you, where we have to be or what we have to do" (paraphrasing), the
guards were rather forcefully keeping people from coming forward and
dancing. (Their version of the song is, "Everybody stay seated, everybody
get DOWN.")  Steve kept glancing over at what was happening, and as they
went into the band introductions, he said, "I know that the contract says
'no dancing', but if you want to come up and dance for the rest, go ahead.
Just let me introduce the band first!"

The security guys looked PISSED, and the crowd mostly stayed put during the
introductions (which were totally, hysterically incomprehensible, Mr.
Enunciation!).  Then, he yelled and motioned, "Come on!" to the crowd. You
have never seen people up on their feet so fast. Steve was just beaming!
Everyone was dancing and really having fun, except, of course, the guards.
When that song ended, he even went to the edge of the stage and started
shaking hands with people! And thanked the audience for being, "A fantastic
audience, REALLY".

The crowd remained up and dancing like mad for the rest of the show,
absolutely loosing it during the two encore songs.  I don't know who
enjoyed the show more, Steve and the band, or us.  Great, great stuff. Best
show I've seen him do.  You might chalk it up to the small venue, (1440
seats), but he seems to have really gotten comfortable relating to the
audience. If you haven't seen him yet this tour, run, don't walk, get those