VOLUME 102, sent September 22, 1997

Topics in this issue:
  1. Tape-trees - READ THIS
  2. 5 Favorite Songs
  3. Fort Lauderdale, FL Show on 9/19
  4. Videos I have apart from the 4 officials
  5. Missed the chance
  6. Record Show
  7. SW Top 5
  8. Winwood, Clapton and Blind Faith
  9. Fort Lauderdale, FL Show on 9/19--Song List and Gobs of Other Junk
10.  House of Blues Concert
11.  Re: Steve Is Everywhere

From: "Gary Ames" 
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 11:37:09 +0000
Subject: Tape-trees

Introducing tape trees.

I would like to introduce the concept of "tape trees" to this mailing list. Trees
are a "Beat the Bootleggers" way of spreading low generation , good quality
shows on a profit free basis.

The "seed" provides a good quality show, puts details on the list and then
organizes a trading structure. Basically this is by getting a group of volunteer
"branches" , who will spin copies of tapes for a number of others - "leaves".

In this way , the leaves will get a copy of the show only 2 "generations" down
from the original , therefore ensuring that quality is , as far as possible ,
preserved. To further ensure that the sound quality stays good , all trading
should be by way of Type II chrome tape (ideally TDK-SA , or Maxell XL-II).
Branches should also have good quality tape decks , i.e. not "boom boxes".

The idea is NOT to make money , merely to spread the music , so branches
must be prepared to trade the shows on a tape for tape basis, with no money
changing hands. If a leaf has no shows to offer in exchange , then the branch
should be prepared to trade for blanks on a 2:1 basis, with, optionally, the leaf
covering postage costs.

I hope I've not made this sound too  complicated - it really is a simple process
and a way of ensuring that the shows quickly "cascade", with everybody sharing
a bit of the process and sharing the music. Whilst I am not into the Dead , I
know their list regularly runs trees. I am on the Led Zeppelin mailing list
where tape trees regularly run and have quickly built up a good collection of
great sounding , often rare Zep tapes.

If there is enough interest , I thought I would start the process with a 2 tape
tree. The shows I am offering are -

Traffic "Empty Pages" Live in London June 5th 1973
I have the CD of this great show. Tracks are

John Barleycorn
Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory
Freedom Rider
Every Mother's Son
Low Spark of high heeled boys
Pearly queen
Empty Pages
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
Medicated Goo

The second show is
Traffic "Soul of the Road"
Fillmore West 1st July 1972
I have the CD of this show , but am not certain of the date. The lineup is Steve ,
Chris and Jim - I just have a nagging doubt that the real date could be a couple
of years earlier? Tracks are

Who Knows what Tomorrow May Bring
Every Mother's Son
Medicated Goo
John Barleycorn
Pearly Queen
Stranger to Himself
Empty Pages
Forty Thousand Headmen
Freedom Rider
Can't Find My Way Home
No Time To Live

To sign up for the  tree , please email me. Subject Header  "Traffic Tree"
Please also send me your name , email address , country and state , whether you
would prefer to be a branch or a leaf ( if a Branch ,  please also attach your tape
trade list). Branches should also give details of their recording equipment.

The tree will close on 19.10.97 and I will post the tree structure and further
details of the next step then.


Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 13:20:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Alan Woontner 
Subject: 5 Favorite Songs

I'm sure if I chose 5 favorite Winwood songs in this moment, it would change
as soon as I sent the email and I would curse the exclusion of one of my
favorites. Suffice it to say that every song on the Traffic, Last Exit or John
Barleycorn albums has qualified as my favorite at one time or another in my
life. The same could be said of 80 % of  Back In The High Life  So instead, I
am going to submit the Winwood songs that have most influenced my life. So
these songs have the most lyrical meaning and inspirational music for me in
pivotal times in my life and would recommend them as spiritual remedies for
those in need. Of course they are all early in his career. This is not to say I don't
love much of his later music,  it just feels slightly to moderately diluted
compared to Traffic, Blind Faith and Go (IMHO) :-)

1. Winner/Loser
A find this song very compassionate, encompassing the great wheel of life, that
within everything is its opposite. Its very  encouraging that Steve wrote the
lyrics for this deeply moving song I can't believe that Gimme Some Lovin was
his most personal song as he claims in his online chat interview.

2. No Time To Live
 Another song of great consolation from my troubled youth seeing everyone else
seemingly happy, and feeling lost without purpose, future or meaning. This one
made me feel less alone. Haunting lyrically, vocally, instrumentally.

3. Heaven is in your mind
A true inspiration about enjoying the small things in life. Everything in it
conveys the joy of being alive. Even when I had very little, this song made me
feel like the world was in my hand.

4. Shanghai Noodle Factory
A great song for breaking out of the great trap of life, the system or whatever
you want to call it. Its Traffic version of The Wall, only it's sublime instead of
grinding.  I always feel stronger in spirit when listening to this.

5. Hidden Treasure
  This one captures the true spirit of being tuned in for nature. It's a soundtrack
for my walks in the woods. It makes you listen deeper to life and yourself.

Alan Woontner

[For Alan and anyone else who posted their Top 5 in this volume: your votes
were tallied along with the rest and uploaded onto the Most Beloved Song web-
site today.  If more of you want to post your list, please do!  I'll tally votes as
they come in.  --BG]

Date sent:        Sat, 20 Sep 1997 20:21:55 -0500 (CDT)
From:             twalker8@ix.netcom.com
Subject:          Fort Lauderdale, FL Show on 9/19

Steve played the Au Rene Theatre at the Broward Center for the Performing
Arts in Fort Lauderdale last night, and guess who was sitting in the front row
of the rear orchestra? I was probably 50 feet from the stage, absolutely thrilled
with my vantage point.  South Florida crowds are notorious for arriving late,
leaving early, and being generally apathetic toward the performer.  This crowd
received him well, though.  During "Higher Love," most of the folks on the
lower level made their way to the front, filling the aisles and singing along. He
seemed genuinely moved by this show of appreciation and rewarded us with
"High Life" and "Gimme Some Lovin'."  All in all, no adjectives or shabby
press-agentry-type raving can help me convey how great the show was.  You
had to be there.

Make no mistake; I am a devoted fan, yet J7 left me wanting more.  After this
show, I find that I like the J7 stuff much more (NMW doesn't have anything to
do with the live arrangements!).  The lady who sang the duet "Gimme Plenty
Lovin" actually sang very well with him, unlike Des'ree (who merely got paid
for the J7 session work).  Mike McEvoy, backup keyboardist and violinist
extraordinaire really nailed that salsa piano bit in "Gotta Get Back to My
Baby."  Combine that with Walfredo Reyes Jr's drumming and you have a
winner.  "Can't Find My Way Home" has always been a favorite of mine and
rather choked me up a bit. His fellow bandsmen were introduced during "Just
Wanna Have Some Fun."  Each had about eight bars to do his stuff.  Very
impressive musicianship all around.

Bottom line:  SEE THIS SHOW!  Take advantage of the added closeness
afforded us by the smaller venues.  Sit back and watch him do what he does
best.  This time out, we have SW and nine musicians on stage (no Randall
Bramblett, though I didn't really miss him after the second number).  As good
as the '91 touring group was, this is indeed a full-sounding band.

There are no synthesizers on stage at all!!  He's using a Hammond-Suzuki XB-
5 Pro Portable Organ (with Leslie out of sight somewhere), and from where I
was sitting, what looked like a digital baby grand piano, and oh yes, a Fender
Stratocaster.  In "While You See A Chance," Steve played the solo on guitar.
This would have been fine with me, but something went awry after about 12
bars and he never finished it.  In "Valerie," he played the solo on the Hammond
and everything was fine.  The horns filled in where the string synth parts
normally would have been--a little odd, but hey, it sounded great.  As a
keyboardist myself, I like the idea that he has no problem with the new

Oh, yeah, here's my Top 5 (no particular order):

Can't Find My Way Home
Spanish Dancer
Another Deal Goes Down
Night Train

Bobbie, thanks for SP! And to the contributors, thanks for expanding my
knowledge of this gifted artist and his work.

Don't forget, everybody:  SEE THIS SHOW!!!

Best Regards,

From: "Elena Iglio" 
Subject: I: Videos I have apart from the 4 officials
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 08:44:59 +0200

Hi William. You ready?:

1965 - SDG - My Babe from "pop Gear"
 1965 - SDG Keep On Running
 1966 - Nobody Loves you when you're down and out
 1966 - SDG Finnish TV live Special (entire concert)
 1966 - Beat Beat Beat - SDG video Special
 (live Keep On Running- Somebody Help me- Sitting and Thinking)
 1967 - I'm a Man - The "Mini" video promo
 1966 - SDG - When I come home - From The Ghost Goes Gear
 1967 - Gimme Some Lovin' Video promo
 1967 - I'm A Man- from Beat Aus London - German TV
 1967 - Paper Sun /Hole in my shoe promo videos- BRT
1967 - Hole in My shoe -promo video
1968- 40,000 Headmen- TV USA.
1968- Here we go round the mulberry bush - Beat Club -BBC
1969 - Blind Faith - Do What You like/Sea of Joy/Had to Cry - from Hyde
Park concert
1971- Gimme Some Lovin from Welcome to the Canteen -Glastonbury Fayre
1973 - Evening Blue- Shoot Out At the Fantasy Factory - Musikladen Tv
 1981 - While you see a chance
 1981 - Night Train
 1982 - Valerie official video
 1982 - Valerie - "drawing" video
 1982 - Valerie - live playback TOTP
 1982 - Valerie - Live playback BBC show
 1982 - Special French TV interview
 1982 - Still in the game
 1986 - Higher Love . official
 1986 - Higher Love - Terry Wogan Show
 1986 - The Tube - Winwood Special with Jools Holland
 ( Live Glad- Low Spark- There's A River- Gimme Some Lovin)
 1987 - Island 25th anniversary
 1987 - Back in the High Life
 1987 - Freedom Overspill
 1987 - Grammy Awards ceremony 1987
 1987 - Italian Festivalbar - Higher Love
 1988 - Montreux Jazz Festival.- Roll with it (live. suspect playback)
 1988 - Roll with it
 1988 - Holding On
 1988 - Don't You Know what the night can do?
 1991 - Videomusic Special - Interview - Refugees of the heart
 1991 - One and Only Man
 1991 - I will be here
 1994 - Here comes a Man -
 1997 - Spy in the House of Love- Gotta get back to my babe -Gimme Some
(Live in Naples, July 4/97)

I also have seen an excellent live 1991 Tokyo concert of the Refugee tour, but I
was in America and it was recorded in the NTSC system, so I couldn't copy it.
All these video are PAL and need to be converted to be seen. I have never heard
of a taped "GO" performance, but it could exist.

It's not much for a 25 years search, but it is a fairly sizeable collection.

Take care

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 16:44:05 +0200
From: "Taguchi, Makiko (AGPC)" 
Subject: Missed the chance

I've been a bit busy lately and I have missed the chance to post to the big SP
100...sob, sob. Well, partly it's because I just couldn't make up my mind which
5 songs were my favorite. But reading everyone's posts, I realize that everyone
has the same problem. Maybe it's too late, but I'll give my five (or more)

"Higher Love" and "Back in the High Life" ---because these are the songs that
made me get into Steve's music
"There's a River" ---it's comforting
"Shining Song" ---it's uplifting, and his song is indeed 'shining'
"I will be here"
"Real Love"

Maybe I'm just in the mood for these kind of songs now...Tomorrow my list
might be different!

Some people have been commenting that the duet of Steve and Seal was great. I
really would like to hear it, is there any way I can get a recording?


Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 17:08:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: thesonics@earthlink.net (Jay Siekierski)
Subject: Record Show

Hi J here; I got some record shows coming up starting next week, if your
interested my new SW list mail me privately before this stuff gets packed
for the show.

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 21:13:53 -0500
From: Craig Richards 
Subject: SW Top 5

Here's my Steve Winwood story.  Quite simply, my brother gave me a copy of
John Barleycorn and Low Spark back in the mid 80s.  Then I saw Steve
Winwood on his Back in the High Life Tour and became totally hooked.  As far
as my 5 favorite tunes go, these are the one's that make me want to play air
guitar, air keyboards, air sax, air drums, air etc..etc..etc..

1. I'm A Man
2. Glad/Freedom Rider
3. Roll Right Stones
4. Roll With It
5. Nowhere Is Their Freedom

I just got my tickets to SW's concert here in Kansas City on Nov 4.

Craig in Kansas City

From: LesterJake@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 15:26:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Winwood, Clapton and Blind Faith

In SP # 101, Bob Craig asks: <>

My sense is that Winwood and Clapton are NOT particularly close, although
they remain respectful, and that neither party is interested in reviving Blind

For one thing, despite the very fine product that resulted from their
collaboration, both musicians loathed the extraordinary hype and the way they
were rushed by the record company into the studio and on to the road.  As a
result, they never really had a chance to resolve all sorts of problems with
respect to the touring band, such as whether and how much Traffic and Cream
material to feature, and whether to be a "jam" or songs band.  The result was
not pleasant: I heard Blind Faith near the end of the US tour, and the band
looked lifeless and sounded awful.    Part of the problem was that the audience
didn't seem to care, and cheered wildly for everything.  (I've read one of them--I
forget which--say they were put off by the uncritical adoration of the crowds.)

Then there's the competitiveness aspect, since both stars were in their
performing prime and were vying for the spotlight, to some extent, although
neither was/is a conventional bandleader who can comfortably "front" a band.
 In fact Clapton was so put off with the hype that he immediately settled into a
backup role with Delaney and Bonnie, with whom he had been jamming before
Blind Faith broke up.  And didn't Steve disappear into Ginger Baker's Airforce
right after Blind Faith?

Not that a revival wouldn't be thrilling, especially if they had the plenty of time
to record a second album of new material.  But I don't think it's in the cards.

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:57:45 -0500 (CDT)
From: twalker8@ix.netcom.com
Subject: Fort Lauderdale, FL Show on 9/19--Song List and Gobs of Other Junk

You asked whether I had written down the set list from the September 19 show
in Fort Lauderdale.  I didn't, but I'm familiar enough with the tunes to recall
most of them.  Oh, I also managed to lose my ticket stub (insert screaming
sound effect here), which really annoys me.  This was my third show since
moving to Florida and I was trying to saveall those little mementos.  Geez...

The set list, to the best of my recollection and belief, was:

I'm A Man
Roll With It
Freedom Overspill
Can't Find My Way Home
Spy In the House of Love
Let Your Love Come Down
Angel of Mercy
Low Spark
Family Affair
While You See A Chance
Gimme Plenty Lovin'
Just Wanna Have Some Fun
Gotta Get Back to My Baby
Higher Love
Back In the High Life
Gimme Some Lovin'

I'm sure there's a song or two missing, and other than the first tune and the last
three tunes on the list, they are not in order.  Notice that there's nothing from
"Refugees.." in the list?  The J7 stuff was H-O-T!!! This is the first show I've
seen where he emphasized the new stuff.  Like I said before, I didn't like the J7
stuff that much until I heard it live.

The show started 15 minutes late, and lasted about 2:10.  He did not flub any
lyrics, his voice was strong and accurate, and his keyboard chops were right in
the pocket.  He looked very debonair in his rather wine-colored jacket and black

I also wanted to mention that there were no concessions (i.e., tour shirts,
picture books, funky hats, etc.).  I always feel a little cheated when I'm not
given an opportunity to pay $35 for a T-shirt, don't you?


From: JohnnyWhit@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 18:22:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: House of Blues Concert

I saw Steve at the Orlando House of Blues last Saturday (9/20).  As usual, he
turned in his usual excellent performance.  However, my favorite SW gig was
the "Refugees" concert I saw in Cleveland in May '91.

A highlight for me was "While You See a Chance", in which Steve played the
usual synth solos on electric guitar.  This has always been one of my absolute
favorite SW tunes, and now I have another reason to pine for a live album from

At the end of the show, the audience was treated (?) to  a surprise -- Elwood
Blues (Dan Aykroyd), brother of Joliet Jake Blues (James Belushi), and
soon-to-be Blues Brother (in the movie sequel) John Goodman, joined Steve
and the band on stage for "Gimme Some Lovin".  Although musically, I would
have preferred to hear just Steve singing, the actors did inject some humor to
the performance while singing backing vocals.  Instead of singing "Gimme
gimme some lovin'", Aykroyd sang "Stevie wants lovin'", and Belushi
repeatedly screwed up by singing the line one too many times, over Steve's
"...every day."  However, Steve seemed to get a big laugh out of it -- he was
grinning from ear to ear as he was singing, playing the Hammond, and
directing about 1,000 pounds worth of backing vocalists.

After the show, Steve went across the street to the Virgin Megastore to sign
copies of J7.  The show ended about midnight, and my girlfriend and I ate
dinner before going to the store.   We got there about 1:00 am, and Steve was
still signing away.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a  chance to meet him
personally -- the line was still terribly long, and I thought the Virgin thugs
would close down the operation before I could get to the table.  They turned
away one fan who said he had waited nearly 3 hours (I guess he was including
the concert) to get Steve to sign the album jacket (LP) of the Blind Faith album.
Steve seemed willing to oblige, but the Virgin thugs wouldn't let the guy near
the table.  I guess they only allow Steve to sign Virgin material nowadays.

Virgin thugs notwithstanding, it was a great night for me.  I had never seen
Steve in a small venue before, and I did get to see him from a short distance
at the record store.  He seems to be a genuinely nice guy with no ego -- which
only adds to his appeal as an artist.

From: JohnnyWhit@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 19:33:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Steve Is Everywhere

More places Winwood music appears:

"Fandango" - An early Kevin Costner movie.  "Can't Find My Way Home" is
played over the closing credits.

"Someone To Watch Over Me" - A Mimi Rogers, Tom Berenger movie from
the mid-to late- 80s uses "Freedom Overspill"

"Excellence-In-Broadcasting (EIB) network - Half-DJ, Half-Comedian,
Half-Political pundit (that's right - 3 halves), Rush Limbaugh repeatedly uses
Winwood instrumental passages ("While You See a Chance" intro, and recently
"Spy in the House of Love" guitar intro) as "bumper" music following
commercial breaks.