Someone start monitoring VH1 to see what time this will air!

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Date:          Fri, 11 Oct 1996 21:20:48 -0400
Subject:       Re: Smiling Phases, vol 42

Told you I would write.  Good news.  VH-1 will tape the concert for the City
Of Hope benifit on the 16th and air the tape the very next day Oct 17th on

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 21:32:10 -0400
Subject: bad news

Ask three people get three different answers.  That's what happened when I
called VH-1. A few days ago I called a girl at VH-1 who tpld me the City of
Hope benifit would be shot and aired the next day.  I wanted to believe that
even tho it seemed too good to be true.  I could not find any listings for it
and became suspious.

I called VH-1 in LA again today.  Another girl said they were shooting it
tonight but didn't know if it would air.  She thinks the footage will be used
for music news film clips and refered me to VH-1 in NY.  The girl in NY said
it would not air period.

Sorry to get all our hopes up.  Either the first girl was misinformed or
something fell through with all the record companies involved.  If you have
VH-1 you might see clips during the music news tommorrow if you can stand
other stuff on VH-1.