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In late July of 1995, "Smiling Phases", the Steve Winwood Digest was born, although originally under another name and with AOL as the platform. It has grown tremendously since then, but still, the idea is, everyone emails their questions/comments/concerns, anything having to do with Steve, the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Blind Faith, or session work, to me; then when I accumulate 10-12 posts, I combine them into one big email and send it to everyone on the list. This list is heavily moderated - no ads, trolls, binaries, or offensive language will make it past the Moderator. One other rule here - write to me with your Subscribe request from the address that you want subscribed. In other words, don't tell me, 'I'm on a friend's account right now, but subscribe me at this other address.' Sorry, can't do it.

E-mail me to subscribe.

If you have any questions or comments that you don't want published in SP, just mention that in your letter, and I'll try to answer myself; I don't put anything into SP without permission. When you do post to SP, I may edit your letter a little - I will correct some spelling and punctuation and I will cut your .sig down to just your name. Try not to use tabs or any special characters in a post; they usually don't translate very well to other mail software. Just keep it simple.

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