LiveConcerts Chat: June 8, 1997

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8 June 97, conducted through

"We are chatting live with Steve Winwood. Welcome Steve!"

Bobbieg asks: Have any tour dates for the fall been set yet?

Winwood says, "The tour starts mid-September, goes through mid-December and will go all over the US and Canada."

Lothar asks: What musicians did you admire as a kid?

Winwood says, "Ray Charles, Little Richard, Elvis, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Vaughan Williams."

Pjr asks: Steve, Junction 7 is perhaps your funkiest album to date. Was it conceived that way, or did it evolve after starting to work with Michael Narada Walden?

Winwood says, "Narada definitely had an influence on the way it sounded, but also rhythm and blues is a very strong influence on me and I didn't fully intend for this to be a funky album."

Johnny asks: How was your experience different in different groups - Powerhouse, Spencer Davis Group, Go, Traffic? Which was best overall?

Winwood says, "It's like picking a favorite child. They were all exciting periods in my life and I got something special out of all of them. So, I'm afraid its very difficult to pick one."

Pinballer asks: What is the most personal song you ever wrote? What inspired it?

Winwood says, "One of the most personal was "Give Me Some Lovin'" and I think youth inspired it."

Ziggy asks: Are small venues like this a good place to connect with fans?

Winwood says, "The answer is yes. I like the intimacy of playing in small venues. This kind of music lends itself to clubs and small venues. I love it."

Monty asks: How did you get involved with Powerhouse and Eric Clapton?

Winwood says, "It was on a record called 'What's Shakin' which was a sampler on Elektra Records. I was asked by them to play although I knew all the musicians who played in Powerhouse and they were friends and associates."

Anthony asks: Are you planning to tour Australia at any stage this year or next year? You sounded good today (even over the internet) and it would be good to have you back in Australia again and maybe play the concert halls in the capital cities.

Winwood says, "Unfortunately not this year. There's certainly a possiblity that we will pay a visit to Australia next year, though no plans have been made yet."

Hector asks: How is "Junction 7" different from your previous work?

Winwood says, "Well I think it relates to previous work through the R& B influence but it was different because of the involvment of Narada Michael Walden. He took on certain roles that I usually take, which is baselines, but that enabled me to concentrate more on the lyrics and melody on this record."

Cattie asks: What do you have in your pockets?

Winwood says, "Not much actually, I think. I do have .... beezwax lip ... and no guitar pick!"

Jamieo asks: What made you decide to cover "Family Affair" on the new album?

Winwood says, "The family is a very important element to me ... this is also a great Sly Stone song and I love the song. Although these things on their own aren't reason to cover a song, I felt we had perhaps a different angle on the way we did it."

Steve asks: How did "Back in the High Life" feel? Were you prepared for the success of it?

Winwood says, "No it was quite a surprise. While I had the help of some great musicians on it and I think it was a great record, but it was still a surprise."

Julieh asks: What would you be if you couldn't be a musician?

Winwood says, "Unfortunately, I don't think I could do anything else..I've never done anything else. Although now, I spend my time being a dad. So, maybe that would be it."

OK, we have time for one more.

MC asks: How do you want to be remembered?

Winwood says, "As a musician that perhaps with songs might have helped somebody through situations, or just brought them a little bit of pleasure."

Winwood says, "Thanks everyone for being online with me. Its an interesting way of chatting. Thanks again."

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