Rolls For Me
to the tune of Roll With It
-- Dawn

When life is too much, bake rolls for me, baby
Don't stop icing that cake, decorate baby
Hard rolls, soft rolls, crescents too
You'll show them what that flour can do
You can do it, grease those pans, baby
When your pies don't come out just right
Martha Stewart understands your plight
Just bake rolls for me baby, come on and bake rolls for me baby
You and me, rolls for me baby, stay in and bake rolls for me, baby

The way that you bake, you could make money
If they like sweeter cake, you just add honey
People thought your idea was nice
Bread does sell better if it's pre-sliced
You can bake it,
Cinnamon rolls, baby

When your breads and your muffins are done
Hang in and bake some hot-crossed buns

Use that rolling pin, baby
Add flour, then roll it out, baby
More water, then roll that dough baby,
Come on and just roll it out, baby

Now there is no cake, you can't make, baby
You read the recipe, you bake it, baby
You leave store-bought way behind
There's nothing but fresh-baked on your mind
You can bake it, roll that dough, baby

Just add raisins, and a little spice
Your kitchen smells just like paradise
You baked rolls for me baby, oh yeah
You baked rolls for me, baby!
I'll make tea, rolls with it, baby
Come on let's eat rolls with it, baby!

Ah, rolls with it, baby
Cake, pies and rolls!
Cake, pies and rolls...

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