Roll With Him
to the tune of "Roll With It"

-- Andrew Sogamoso

When life takes a toll
Hear what I'm saying
Don't stop and loose control
Just start praying

Hard times knocking on your door
They'll see that you ain't there no more
Get on through it
Oh, just start praying

When you call on God's holy name
He'll make his move, bring you back from shame

You just worship and praise Him
Come on and just
Worship and praise Him
You and me
Worship and praise Him
Hang on and just
Worship and praise Him Hey, Hey

I've waited too long
For my salvation
Jump back, my soul's on fire
Sweet sensation

When you think you're down and out
His Word says what it's all about
You can do it
There are no maybes

When the Lord puts his touch on you
Hang on, He'll show you what you can do




Now there'll be a day
He'll come back reigning
You'll hear those trumpets play
No more waiting

You'll leave bad times way behind
Just let the good times roll in line
Get together
Oh, worship forever

When you see what it's all about
You'll praise the Lord with a mighty shout!


Hey, Hey - C'mon
Worship and praise Him
Brothers & sisters
C'mon - Worship and praise Him
Oh, Oh, Hey, C'mon you all
Hold on and praise Him Oh, Oh
Hang on to the Lord

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