40,000 Guitar Picks
to the tune of 40,000 Headmen
-- Lani

Forty thousand guitar picks couldn't help me clean this room
If they sprang to life with little legs and dust pans in their hands!
I know just where I have to start, I'll clean the closet first
I turned around and there it was, his homework from grade 3

Hadn't worked for very long when suddenly I saw
My catalogs from Victoria Secret lying on his floor
I've asked my son a million times to clean his filthy room
And then I found 'the secret drawer' where he obviously stashed the picks

Filling up the garbage bags, dust is getting up my nose!
Bags must have weighed a hundred tons between the trash and picks
I tried to drag the bags before my aching back gave out
And looking high above the shelves I saw The Golden Pick

Taking out 'Joe's treasures' before he came in the gate
Quickly ran to find the Hoover before it was to late
But Golden Pick came along and told me not to waste my time
"He's not a baby any more, he's almost 2 times 9"

So I turned around and forty thousand guitar picks sprang to life
Throwing little dust balls, but it really doesn't hurt
But happily for me I had to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze
And by the time I did that they were running out the door

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