to the tune of Searchin'
-- Dawn

Well, I need mittens
Oh Lord, I need mittens
Yeah I need mittens 'cause my hands are so darned cold, yeah yeah

Just like a frozen cave man
My hands will never be warm again

You know that if I have to plow the driveway, you know I will
And if I have to build a snowman, you know I will
And if I have to walk the dogs, straight up that frozen hill
You know my fingers will be blue, you know you know they will

'Cause I need mittens
Socks and mittens
And I've got frostbite in my fingers and my toes, yeah yeah
Just like a northwest Mountie
I'll never feel my toes again

If I have to clear the car off, you know I will
And if I have to shovel a mountain, you know I will
And if the weatherman says it's snowing, for two weeks running
I'm gonna turn the whole house upside down, you know you know I will

I must find mittens
Oh, mittens
And I've been searchin' every drawer, everywhere, yeah yeah
If I don't get some mittens
I'll never feel my fingers again

You know I need mittens, baby!

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