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Desktop Wallpapers for Windows users:
Click on a zip file, save it to a temp directory on your hard-drive, and unzip the .bmp into your c:\windows\ directory. (Need WinZip? Click here.) Can any Mac users help me with instructions as to how you can use these?

Zip file Description View only
Traffic symbol The 4 arrows in a circle, in black on white View it
The "SP" logo From the original Smiling Phases tee-shirt, designed by Craig L, in red on white View it
The "SW" logo From these pages, in lavender on white View it
The flute-playing stick-figure From Far From Home, in blue on white View it
The intertwined "SW" From Roll With It, in gray on white View it
All All the wallpapers listed above zipped together

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Page created August 10, 1998.
Last updated December 28, 1999.