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Page created October 5, 1997.
Last updated November 2, 1999.
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email: bobbieg@azstarnet.com
name: Bobbie
message: Refugees of the Heart, Go, Arc of a Diver, Low Spark, and a second copy of Refugees, just in case the first gets water-damaged

email: winwoodfan
name: Lani
message: O.K. since I gave Bobbie this idea (wonder when I did that?!) here are my 5 favorite CD's--
Roll With It
Arc Of A Diver
John Barleycorn
Far From Home
Refugees Of The Heart

email: webmaster@stevewinwood.com
name: Scott Tribble
message: Steve Winwood, John Barleycorn, When the Eagle Flies, Traffic, Talking Back to the Night

name: Valerie Whippet
message: So you have games? That's kind of fun. I'm sorry I missed the Pet game. I'm sure my little dog, Val would have come up with some interesting lyrics (and no, she doesn't respond to her name when she hears the song... Everybody asks me that. Maybe she would if I sang it...but I digress.) ok... Well, I could bring one of those compilations but that seems a little like cheating so I would bring ... Back in the Highlife: because I like to listen to that one when the rain forces me off of my bicycle and indoors pedaling on my windtrainer. This is assuming I somehow manage to rescue the bike. Arc of Diver - Once again, I think its great bicycling music. Chronicles - I should bring something that has my dog's name on it. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Almost left this one out because the odds are pretty good that someone else will have it. Roll With It - I like to listen to this one when I'm working on software. Of course this is assuming I somehow manage to make it to the island with my laptop and my bike and my dog and my CD's.

email: koki9@bellatlantic.net
name: Dawn
message: Oh man, narrowing it down to just five is tough, but *today* my choices are... Traffic, John Barleycorn, Steve Winwood, Arc of a Diver, and Back in the High Life. Ask me again tomorrow, you'll probably get an entirely different list. But it would always be Winwood. :-)

email: zulu_zwergstaemme@hotmail.com
name: Ursula
message: Back in the highlife, Arc of a diver, Talking back to the night, Roll with it, Chronicles

email: sohi@aabc.dk
name: Soren Hilligsoe
message: Autumn 66, Back in the High Life, Traffic, John Barleycorn, Talking Back to the night

email: rdhulley@aol.com
name: R D Hulley
message: Todays choice would be:- John Barleycorn Mr Fantasy Low Spark Shootout When the Eagle Flies Can I sneek some singles:- Paper Sun Roll With It Im a Man Gimme Some Lovin Somebody Help Me

Bye Roger

email: carolfrances@talk21.com
name: carol frances
message: Every SDG,Traffic,Winwood, plus all that he has played on. Quite a collection hey!

email: martin.riches@ntlworld.com
name: Martin Riches
message: Traffic Blind Faith Eight Gigs A Week The Finer Things Smiling Phases

email: baz3333@aol.com
name: Baz
message: Strangely enough I have just seen Cast Away at the movies tonight, spooky or what??? SDG - Autumn 66 Traffic - Mr Fantasy Traffic - Traffic SW - Arc of a Diver SW - Talking back to the night.

email: mifewang@263.net
name: Wang
message: Mr Fantasy ,Traffic ,John Barleycorn ,Blind Faith , Steve Winwood

email: goodnews@netnews.zzn.com
name: Bram Layman
message: 1)Steve Winwood 2)When The Eagle Flies 3)Go 4)Go Live From Paris 5)Mr. Fantasy

email: TheBlueTerror@aol.com
name: JohnTf
message: When the Eagle Flies, John Barleycorn, Low spark, Shoot out...,Mr. Fantasy. Then I would sneak the other Traffic albums in a secret compartment. Hey thats not cheating is it? NAH:)

email: linoochie@hotmail.com
name: Lynn Krausse
message: 1. Dear Mr. Fantasy 2. Traffic

email: linoochie@hotmail.com
name: Lynn Krausse
message: 1.Dear Mr. Fantasy 2.Traffic 3.John Barleycorn Must Die 4.Arc of a Diver 5.Back in the High Life

email: rahul.shrivastava@btinternet.com
name: Rahul
message: 1. John Barleycorn Must Die 2. Traffic 3. Mr Fantasy 4. Traffic live in London, 1973 5. Shootout at the Fantasy Factory

email: seb196128@cs.com
name: Steve Blaugh
message: I hurriedly scooped up John Barleycorn MustDie; Back in the High Life; Roll With it; Refugees of the Heart and the Blind Faith album.

I own the Blind Faith album; Back in the High Life; Roll With it; John Barleycorn Must Die; Smiling Phases; and Low Spark of the High-Heeled Boys.

I'm told that Refugees of the Heart is no longer produced! Is this true? How and where may I find a copy of it in CD??? I already looked on the other sites you mentioned.

Thanks, Steve B.