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SW at Royal Albert Hall

Steve Winwood has created an impressive and substantial catalog of recordings with his main bands Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and solo, as well as several collaborative efforts such as Blind Faith and Stomu Yamashta's Go. Between all those projects, Steve has somehow managed to perform as a session player on more than 70 albums by other people so far. Steve's session work illustrates his versatility as a musician in terms of both the variety of musical styles and the many instruments he plays. The results range from banal to stunning, and from extreme obscurity to major hits. This listing provides detailed information about Steve's collaborations and his session work.

The objective of the Sessions listing is to identify Steve's participation, by track, on all known albums for which he played a session role. The listing also includes production and writing credits outside Steve's main bands and collaborations. Credits are from the album liner notes where possible, supplemented by information from other sources where necessary. I've also guessed some parts based on listening, identified below as "Probably..." or "Possibly...". Contributors have provided invaluable information for certain albums as noted.

-- Stephen Smith

Our thanks to the following contributors:

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Collaborations are projects for which Steve was substantially involved as a key player, indicated by billing, production, songwriting, performing his own songs, and other factors. Several of these titles, including Blind Faith and Stomu Yamashta's Go, are as important in Steve's career as his work with Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and solo.


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Known Sessions

This is the main body of Winwood's session work. We know, or we're fairly sure, that he played a role in these recordings and they've been commercially released. See also the chronological listing Known Sessions By Release Date.

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A - Capaldi: Cash - G: H - L: M - S: T - Z:

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Unreleased Material

A few unreleased projects deserve mention because of their historical interest.

Unreleased Material:

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Rumored Sessions

Since originally compiling this page, many people have contributed to our ever-expanding knowledge of Steve Winwood's session work. Most purported sessions are fairly easy to validate, but these remain questionable due to lack of authoritative information.

Rumored Sessions:

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