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Jimi Hendrix (about 5/3/1968 and 6/15/1970)

Several jams were recorded, most likely at the time of the sessions for "Voodoo Chile" and "Ezy Ryder". See the entries under Known Sessions for Electric Ladyland (10/16/1968) and Cry Of Love (3/5/1971), and the material listed on the Tapes In Circulation page.

Experience Hendrix Interactive - official
Digital Voodoo - unofficial

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Remi Kabaka and Steve Winwood (1976)

In his Winwood biography Back In The High Life (1988), Alan Clayson mentions a collaborative recording project with Remi and Steve in 1976 (p. 190-191). They recorded at least a few tracks for an album, but the material remains unreleased. Clayson provides a reference from an interview with Steve in Melody Maker 4/28/76: "[I] was getting very stuck for time as I had agreed to start rehearsing with Stomu [Yamashta] so it was a bit impossible to do anything else. Therefore, it was just kind of left. It wasn't African music. Let's just say "Afro-cosmic-punk-disco". There was good stuff on it." This project would have been Steve's second collaboration with the Nigerian percussionist, following the earlier Aiye-Keta (1973). (Thanks for assistance to Dan Ropek, 12/98.)

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Muscle Shoals Rhythm Band: Muscle Shoals Rhythm Band And Friends (about 1971-1973)

According to the Memphis Music Link, this unreleased album included two songs with Steve. Don Nix produced the recording at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. In an interview (2/11/1998) with official Webmaster Scott Tribble, Steve recalled that Nix "got me to sing something" and that "we contributed and jammed a bit" for these sessions. The "we" probably refers to other members of Traffic.

The two tracks sung by Steve Winwood on the unreleased Muscle Rhythm Band & Friends produced by Don Nix at the time of the "Shoot out" sessions are "Dance Shaney Dance" and "Going Through Another Change". Both songs are written by Don Nix and Steve is backed by David Hood, Roger Hawkins, Barry Beckett, Jimmy Johnson, Eddie Hinton, Reebop, Jim Capaldi might be doing some noise, too. There is also another track, an instrumental where Steve plays the piano.
(Many thanks to Jean-Louis, 3/2001.)

Memphis Music Link - Don Nix
Steve Winwood official site - Interview

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Jimmy Page (about 1968)

In a 1982 interview published in Timothy White's book Rock Lives (1990), Steve said he "played with Jimmy Page for a solo album of his after he'd left the Yardbirds", then adds that "the music wasn't heavy like Led Zeppelin ... it was quite nice" (!).

A Led Zeppelin bootleg CD called Olympic Gold credits Steve as organist on two tracks, "Instrumental #1" (2:50) and "Instrumental #2" (5:05). The tracks are two takes of the same jam theme, recorded at Olympic studios (London) in September and October of 1968. The organist on these tracks doesn't sound like Winwood to me, though.

A Page / Winwood tape in circulation consists of eight takes working out a song on guitar and organ. Some people have described this as part of the "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" sessions, and some people attribute the organ part to John Paul Jones rather than Steve. (Thanks to Neil from SP 26-03, 3/96.)

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Electric Magic: Home Of Led Zeppelin On The Net - unofficial

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Various: (John Lennon tribute, title unknown) (1998)

Channel V Undercover Music News reports that a John Lennon tribute album is on the way. Yoko Ono has been compiling a tribute album to her late husband John Lennon. The album has been a long time in the making (so far nearly four years) and finding the right artists to sing the right songs has been the biggest stumbling block. So far, confirmed for the release are Everclear ("Instant Karma"), Paula Cole ("Working Class Hero"), Sinead O'Connor ("Mind Games") and David Bowie ("Mother"). Steve Winwood, Ben Folds 5 and Robbie Robertson are also expected to take part in the project and Capitol is trying to entice the three remaining Beatles to also perform a track each. A release date is yet to be confirmed. (Thanks to BobbieG, 8/98.)
Steve was to do "Imagine".

Working Class Hero: John Lennon Page - unofficial
Imagine: An Unofficial Tribute To John Lennon

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Steve Winwood and Vivian Stanshall: "Boy In Shadow" for Gormenghast (1982)

In his Winwood biography Back In The High Life (1988), Alan Clayson describes music recorded by Steve and Vivian for Sting's radio play of the novel Gormenghast (p. 197):

"Both [Winwood and Stanshall] having read Mervyn Peake's grotesque yet tangible Gothic trilogy of the [fictional] life of Titus, 77th Earl of Groan, the two were motivated to investigate financial backing for a film of Gormenghast - the middle book of the fantasy, written in 1951. Sketching its soundtrack in anticipation, the pair's hopes were scotched when Gordon "Sting" Sumner, pop star turned thespian, stole a march on them in his acquisition of the necessary readies to buy a Gormenghast property in 1982. Some Stanshall-Winwood incidental music is extant, however, including "Boy In Shadow" - for Titus when in the Hall of Bright Carvings - which features Vivian on euphonium, clay drums and basso profundo. Lead vocalist Winwood, at his most technically adept, leaps a full octave in the space of a bar before the melody is lost to an elongated percussion interlude pertinent to imagined visual drama."

Sting was unable to secure financial backing for a film, so he completed the project as a radio production which was aired by the BBC on December 10 and 17, 1984. The show was released on two cassettes in the UK by BBC Enterprises as part of the BBC Radio Collection series, in 1990 (ZBBC 1114) and 2000, and probably in 1984. The first cassette is titled Titus Groan, and the second is titled Gormenghast.

The material described by Mr. Clayson is not on the cassette releases. The music on these shows consists entirely of orchestral and chamber snippets. If Steve and Vivian recorded material for the planned soundtrack as described, they probably did so between 1977 and 1982.

Sting's CD-ROM called All This Time (1995) apparently does not contain any recorded material from the show, despite marketing descriptions to the contrary. (Thanks to Rogier van der Gugten and his Stingchronicity site, 12/98.)

Rogier's Stingchronicity - unofficial

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