Stranger to Himself

From the Album "John Barleycorn Must Die" in 1970 on Island Records.
Words and Music by Steve Winwood.
Time signature 4/4.

G                          F               D    C  D  C  G  F  D  C
Struggling with confusion, disillusionment too

G                     F       F7              D    C  D  C  G  F  D  C
Can turn a man into a shadow, crying out from hell

G4sus  G        D          A9b      A7            D
Thru   his nightmare vision he sees nothing, only wealth

E   A                                       G
The man with the beggar's mind is but a stranger

F7         C7             D
He's but a stranger to himself.

   G                  F        F7            D    C  D  C  G  F  D  C
Suspended from a rope inside a bucket down a hole

G                             F7                         D
His hands are torn and bloody from the scratching at his soul

C  D  C  G  F  D  C

(repeat from "Thru his nightmare vision")

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