Something's Got a Hold of My Toe

Releases on the album "Last Exit" in 1969 by Island Records.
Music by Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, and Jimmy Miller
Key of G major. Time signature 6/8.

(This is an instrumental, so I can't put the chords above the lyrics as in other songs. Instead, the chords are for one measure only, unless otherwise indicated.)

(Pick-up measure - D)   G   A   B   C#   D#   F D7 (7 measures)

Asus4   D7 (3 measures)

Asus4   D7 (3 measures)

Asus4   G   A   B   C#   d#   F   D7 (7 measures)

Asus4   (7 measures)

A7sus4  G   D   G  D  (repeat and fade)

Smiling Phases