Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out

C   E7   A7   Dm   A7   Dm   F   F#   C-Bb7-A7   D7   G7   C-Bb7-A7   D7   G7   C   G7
C   E7

       A7                                Dm   A7
Once I lived the life of a millionnaire

             Dm                          F   F#
Spent all my money, didn't have a care

              C                             A7   D7
Taking all my friends out for a mighty good ride

        G7                         C       E7
Bootleg liquors champagne and wine

         A7                 Dm   A7
Then I began to fall so low

                 Dm                    F   F#
Didn't have a penny and no place to go

     C                              A7    D7
If I ever lay my hands on a dollar again

                        G7                    C   E7
I'm gonna hold on to it till the eagle grins

       A7        Dm   A7  Dm                     F   F#
Nobody loves you when         you're down and out

        C                           A7     D7
In your pocket you ain't got one penny

                 G7                 C
And your friends you don't have any

E7 A7                                              Dm   A7
Ah well just as soon as you get back on your feet again

               Dm                                     F   F#
Here they all come the same old year long lost friends

                    C                              A7     D7
I thought that it's mighty strange but without a doubt

No, nobody loves you, let me tell you

No, nobody needs you, hey hey yeah,

       G7                                    C  Bb7  A7
Nobody loves, loves you when you're down and out

           D7                        F
Oh hey hey hey hey, nobody needs you, nobody loves you

I got to tell you one more time, yeah yeah yeah

         G7                                   C
Nobody loves, loves you when you're down and out.

C:  032010      E7:  020100     A7:  002020    Dm:  000231

F:  133211      F#:  134211    Bb7:  113131    D7:   000212

G7:  320001

Capo:  5 fret  (F)

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