Night Train

From the Album "Arc of a Diver", released 1981 on Island Records.
Words and Music by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings.
Key of D-minor. Time signature 4/4.

Dm  C/D  G               Dm     C/D            G
           Out of the night burning with light

                 Dm                   C/D       G
Train shining black, I won't look back, life is running

              Dm C/D             G         Dm
Hoping some day  someone will say I got it made

              C/D              G
Pull up the shade, let the sun in

                      A                Fmaj7       G           A    Fmaj7
Refrain - Down on the night train, I feel the starlight steal away

          G         A       Fmaj7           G         A
          Use up a lifetime looking for the break of day

Border patrol looking through me
Towns without names all look the same, I hear crying
Paris to Spain, countries in pain
Caught up in flight, feeling the sight, Europe dying

Cm         Bb/C          Cm
Rolling on,     hear the wheels singing,

(no chord)  Cm    Bb/C  Asus2  A Asus4
Fever keep coming on so strong

My ticket paid, trying to fade
I hope I get there not just somewhere I was leaving
Out in the dark all the wolves bark
I fold my arms try to keep warm by believing

Dm        C/D           G
Hard rain following on, cold wheels moving on

     Dm   C/D         G
Everybody they're so alone down on the night train

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