Empty Pages

From the Album "John Barleycorn Must Die" in 1970 on Island Records.
Words and Music by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi.
Time signature 4/4.

D/A   E6/A   C/A   D   D

E9           A
Found someone who can comfort me

    D/E       A         E
But there are always exceptions

E9            A         E
And she's good at appearing sane

D/E        A                E     D/A
But I just want you to know

She's the one makes me feel so good
When everything is against me
Picks me up when I'm feeling down
So I've got something to show

              E6/A      C/A                   D
Staring at empty pages, since you're gone the same old plot

D/A                         C/A             D
     Staring at empty pages,     going along the ages

Often lost and forgotten, the vagueness and the mirth
I've been thinking I'm working too hard, but I've got something to show

(repeat 1st verse)


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