Cryin' To Be Heard

From the Album "Traffic" in 1968 on Island Records.
Words and Music by Dave Mason
Time signature common time. (Note time changes.)

D          Bb           F
Somebody's cryin' to be heard
            D    Bb                      F            D
And there's also someone who hears (2/4) every word. (4/4)

Am7             D               Am7               D
Sail across the ocean with your back against the wind

Gm7           C                Gm7          C
Listening to nothing, save the calling of a bird

     Am7              D          Am7                D
And when the rain begins to fall don't you start to curse

   Gm7             C                Gm7            C
It may be just the tears of someone that you never heard.


Well you're wrapped up in your little world and no one can get in
You sit and think of everything and wonder where you've been
You put the blame on someone that you've hardly ever known
And then you realize the blame was all your own.


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