Come Out and Dance

From the Album _Refugees of the Heart_, released 1990 on Virgin Records.
Words and Music by Steve Winwood and Will Jennings.
Key of A-major. Time signature 4/4.

Come out and dance with me, darling, on that funky side of town

             A7                  Asus4sus2                   E7
Come out and rock with me, baby, shake it up and dance it down

         G                               A7               G/B
When you hear that good band play, it'll make you want to fool around

You can't sit down

I've got some moves for you, baby, that I learned from way back when

           A7                 G7         F#7      F7       E7
I've got a feel for you, baby, you'll believe in love again

           G            A7       G/B
When I knock on you door, you'll let me in

In love again

G     A7            E7 Bm         A7                E7
We go round and round, don't know where we're bound

Bm      A7        G7        F#7  F7     E7
Long as there's a beat I'll hang around, for one more round

Now baby, don't read the papers, 'cause they always make you sad
And honey, don't watch the TV 'cause the news is always bad
Come and dance with me tonight and you know your heart will be so glad
So very glad

Baby, don't you know the reason grandma smiles at grandpa so?
Grandpa can still keep it moving like he did so long ago
Grandma says, "Hold me tight and don't let go"
Like years ago

B7           A7           G7             F#7       F7
Baby this is true romance, take it while you see a chance

If we got everyone dancing, wouldn't be no time for war
If they got into the feeling, they'd find out what life is for
Every day you'd hear them say, "This has got to be what life is for"
And dance some more

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