Coloured Rain

From the Album "Mr Fantasy" in 1967 on Island Records.
Words and Music by Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, and Chris Wood.
Key of A-minor. Time signature common time. (Note time changes.)

       Cm          G/B      Eb               Cm
Yesterday I was a young boy searching for my way

                   G/B            Eb              Bb   C
Not knowing what I wanted living life from day to day

                F            Ab
(2/4) Til (4/4) you came along

             Bb                Am
There was nothing but an empty space and a pain

Feels like coloured rain, tastes like coloured rain

D                             G     G/F#   Em   G/D
(2/4) Bring on coloured (4/4) rain.

A/C#   A/B   A7   D   Am/D   D   Am/D   D   Am/D  D   Am/D   Gsus4

I see the sail of changing, filling with surprise
United with a feeling bringing love into my eyes.


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