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Steve Winwood: Hammersmith Odeon; July 11, 1983

Sound only fair.

Steve Winwood: Italy; 1983

Very good sound, venue unknown, possibly a TV or radio recording.

"Night Of The Kings": Royal Albert Hall, England; September 29, 1983

Everybody's Gotta Make a Change | Lay Down Sally | Wonderful Tonight | Cocaine | Man Smart Woman Smarter | Roadrunner | Slowdown Sundown | Take Me to the River | Gimme Some Lovin' | Star Cycle | Pump | Out Of a Book | Goodbye Pork Pie Hat | Hi Ho Silver Lining | Prelude | Who's To Blame | Tulsa Time | Layla | Bomber's Moon | Good Night Irene

Featuring Eric Clapton/Jeff Beck (Guitar)/Jimmy Page (Guitar)/Stevie Winwood (Keyboards)/Bill Wyman (Bass)/Charlie Watts (Drums)/Kenny Jones (Drums)/Ray Cooper (Percussion)/Chris Stainton (Keyboards)/James Hooker (Keyboards)/Simon Phillips (Drums)/Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/Ronnie Lane (Guitar)
By: From Eric Clapton Web Site: 461 Ocean Boulevard

Steve Winwood: Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA; September 6, 1986

Steve opens with Low Spark. No full setlist available.

My recording is on analog cassette and is a first generation dub -- my copy was dubbed from the master recording. the master recording was made on the front of the lawn using me80 mics. I do trade music -- my tapelists can be found at padeadhead.com.

By: Jon

Steve Winwood: Saratoga, NY; September 7, 1986

The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys | Glad | Take It As It Comes | Help Me Angel | Freedom Overspill | Slowdown Sundown | Wake Me Up On Judgment Day | The Finer Things | My Love's Leavin' | While You See a Chance | Arc of a Diver | Valerie | Split Decision | I'm a Man | Higher Love

Decent sound quality, the performances are a little too slick. Nice to hear more obscure songs, like "Slowdown Sundown." Especially good live "Arc of a Diver."
Grade: B
By: Scott Tribble

Steve Winwood: 'Back in the High Life' demos; 1986

Higher Love | My Love's Leavin' | The Finer Things | Freedom Overspill | Wake Me Up on Judgment Day | Take It As It Comes | If That Gun Is For Real (unreleased)

Great work in progress tape. Especially nice version of The Finer Things. "Gun" was co-written by SW and the sadly departed Viv Stanshall. Lyrically less abstract than normal, in fact quite hard-hitting with lines such as "If a thing is worth having, it's worth stealing." Musically it's quite ragged with some decidedly dodgy rhythm guitar. Maybe SW could record this as a contribution should there ever be a Stanshall tribute album recorded.
Grade: A
By: BG and PM

Steve Winwood: Toronto; November 21, 1986

Sound quality fair.

Steve Winwood: BBC Whistle Test, 1986

An extended feature on Steve, we are also treated to SW alone at a piano in a Shepherds Bush pub giving us a short sweet version of Gimme Some Lovin'. Also performed was an abbreviated Low Spark. Oh, to have accidentally wandered into that pub for a lunch-time pint of London Pride or Youngs! Luckily these 2 tracks were subsequently released as a limited edition 7" white label single with certain copies of the Freedom Overspill 12" single.
By: BG and PM

Steve Winwood: Eurotube TV Special, 1986

A standout version of There's a River was one of several short extracts of SW on Hammond organ with Jools Holland on piano, together with a brief interview. This short version of the song has an even more hymn-like quality than the original, its simplicity being its greatest asset.
By: BG and PM

Steve Winwood: Veterans' Stadium, Columbus, Ohio, 1986

Low Spark | I'm a Man | Split Decision | Gimme Some Lovin'

Evidently just a snippet of the whole concert, sound quality excellent.
By: BG

Eric Clapton at Royal Albert Hall, January 1, 1987

Winwood and Sting joined Clapton onstage for the last two songs, "Money for Nothing" and "Sunshine of Your Love."

The Steve Winwood Story: Hot Rocks by United Stations Programming Network, September 19, 1987

"Back in the High Life" interviews and history; 4 segments on 2 vinyl LPs for 2 hours. Commercials intact.

Steve Winwood: Westwood One 'Off the Record' special, November 23, 1987

"Back in the High Life" interview; 4 segments on 2 vinyl LPs for 56 minutes. Commercials intact.

Steve Winwood: "Freedom Rider" Blossom Music Center, Cleveland; 1987

Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys | Glad | Freedom Rider | While You See A Chance | Valerie | Split Decision | I'm A Man | Higher Love | Back In The High Life Again | Gimme Some Lovin'

This is a Westwood One concert from Winwood's first "High Life" tour. The sound is excellent as is the performance. The mix of songs is fine with a number of Winwood's mainstays, which he would continue to perform throughout the '80s and early '90s. "Low Spark" is a piano/voice only short version that leads into a short but cooking "Glad," with a burning tenor saxophone solo. There is a funky, rousing "Valerie" and "Higher Love" with a wonderful Latin feel. This disc is available in slightly more legitimate forms as Westwood One radio discs through many dealers of radio shows who advertise in collector's magazines. There is a CD version with fewer tracks - tracks 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10 above - plus "The Finer Things." And also a double vinyl version, which is the most complete of this concert. It has all of the above tracks plus "Take It As It Comes," "My Love's Leavin'" and "The Finer Things." Any version is highly recommended. The double vinyl is still very available and quite reasonable.
Grade: A
By: PR

SW's first solo tour in the US had Low Spark as the opening number with SW playing alone on the piano, before he counted the rest of his band in, for a stomping version of Glad. A nice contrast in its much abbreviated and simplified form.
By: BG and PM

Steve Winwood: "Valerie" Radio City Music Hall, NY; 8/16/88

Take It As It Comes (5:32) | While You See a Chance (5:18) | The Finer Things (5:34) | Glad (3:42) | Higher Love (5:12) | Valerie (4:07) | My Love's Leavin' (5:40) | Back in the High Life Again (5:32)

The interesting thing is that Glad segues straight into Higher Love, the way we're always used to hearing it segue into Freedom Rider. The quality in EXCELLENT. It must have been recorded right from the soundboard.
Grade: A++
By: BG

Steve Winwood: Great Woods Arena, Mansfield, MA, 8/21/88

Triple album, Westwood One Superstar Concert Series, radio station release, rare.

Steve Winwood: "Ocean Breeze" Mansfield, MA; 8/21/88

Freedom Overspill (6:27) | Put on Your Dancin' Shoes (5:38) | Don't You Know What the Night Can Do (7:38) | Finer Things (6:56) | Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (10:00) | Glad (4:15) | While You See A Chance (5:18) | Roll With It (5:14) | Valerie (4:18) | Higher Love (6:34) | Back In The High Life (5:34) | Gimme Some Lovin' (5:00)

As you can hear from the intro on the first track this is a boot of a Westwood One concert, so the sound quality is outstanding and the performance first-rate. This is likely the same band as the Refugees Tour of 1990, augmented with a larger horn section and female vocalist. That means the date is probably incorrect and is probably summer, 1989, because Steve's band was pared down in '90. Highlights include the opener, "Freedom Overspill," a long version of "Low Spark," with several long horn solos, "Finer Things," "While You See A Chance" and "Gimme Some Lovin," although all the tracks are quite good. The concert contains a nice cross section from Steve's solo work of the '80s, along with the Traffic tunes. At last check this disc is still available. Highly recommended.
Grade: A+
By: PR

Steve Winwood: "Keep On Dancin'" Mansfield, MA; 8/21/88

Freedom Overspill | Put on Your Dancin' Shoes | Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys | Glad | While You See A Chance | Roll With It

The same concert as "Ocean Breeze" with fewer tracks. Sound quality is about the same. Not as highly recommended because of significantly less playing time. Still available.
Grade: A-
By: PR

Steve Winwood: Royal Albert Hall, London; September 30, 1988

Can't Find My Way Home (pre-concert acoustic performance) | Freedom Overspill | While You See a Chance | Don't You Know What the Night Can Do | The Finer Things | I'm a Man | Low Spark of High-heeled Boys | Roll With It | Valerie | Higher Love | Back in the High Life | Gimme Some Lovin'

SW: vocals, guitar, synthesizer, mandolin, Hammond B-3, cowbell, piano; LeeAnn Phelan: backing vocals, keyboards; Michael Rhodes: bass; Anthony Crawford: guitar, fiddle; Bashiri Johnson: percussion; Randall Bramblett: saxophone, keyboards; Hollie Farris: trumpet; Russ Kunkel: drums; Mike Lawler: keyboards; Audio: Tom Lord-Alge

RAH Concert as edited and broadcast on Showtime network. Audience recording, sound is fair/good.

Steve Winwood: Westwood One Superstar Concerts, Boston, December 16, 1988

Freedom Overspill | Dancing Shoes (sic) | Don't You Know What the Night Can Do? | The Finer Things | Low Spark of High Heeled Boys | Glad | While You See a Chance | Roll With It | Valerie | Higher Love | Back in the High Life | Gimme Some Lovin

Triple album, Westwood One Superstar Concert series, radio transcription discs, rare.

Steve Winwood: Osaka, Japan; March 28, 1989

Sound only fair.

Steve Winwood with the Otis Grand Band: Roughill Festival, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK; August, 1989

SW guested with the band for an hour playing blues standards. The tape came out quite well. He took lead vocals on a couple of songs and played lead and rhythm while on stage. His performance was video'd by some people but no copy has been traced. A good audience tape in mono from quite near the stage as I had been tipped off that he would be playing.

By: Chris F

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