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All dates refer to 1969; the entire history of the band can be encompassed in this one year.

February 8- Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, remaining together after the demise of Cream in Nov 1968, join with Steve Winwood, who has just quit Traffic, at the Berkshire Downs cottage at Aston-Tirrold for preliminary jams and rehearsals. (Clapton, according to another source, was 'induced in a moment of weakness' into joining the group. Winwood himself recalls that he and Clapton rehearsed together for 2 weeks at Clapton's house in Surrey before Baker was invited to join; and Baker was invited over Clapton's objections.)
May 3- Ric Grech joins the still-unnamed group, leaving the group Family during their US tour to do so.
May 6- The name "Blind Faith" is announced. The music press dubs the line-up an 'instant supergroup'; their name is apparently an anticipatory response to this.
June 7- After recording an album, the band makes its live debut in Hyde Park, London; a crowd estimated at 100,000 - 150,000 watch for free. (Tapes of this show are in circulation.)
June 22- The group's one and only album, Blind Faith, is released on the Polydor label in the UK and the Atco label in the US. It includes the songs Had To Cry Today, Can't Find My Way Home, Well All Right, Presence of the Lord, Sea of Joy, and Do What You Like. The original UK sleeve with a picture of a nude 11-year-old girl holding a 'phallic' model airplane is considered too controversial for use in the US and is replaced by a group photograph. (Please see the Discography for more information.)
July 11- The US live debut at Madison Square Garden, NY, is the start of a sell-out two-month US stadium tour, once called 'one of the tackiest rock circuses of all time', which earns a fortune, yet convinces band members that Blind Faith is musically unsatisfying. Winwood later describes the tour as "vulgar, crude, disgusting" and "lacking in integrity". (Check out some tour book photos.)
September 19- Blind Faith is awarded a Gold Album.
September 22- Blind Faith hits #1 on both the US and UK pop charts and stays there for 2 weeks.
September 29- The band completes the US tour in Hawaii.
October 8- It is announced that Clapton, having already lost interest, will carry on touring with Delaney and Bonnie. Grech will stay with Baker in Airforce at the end of 1969, while SW will work solo before re-forming Traffic early in 1970. Blind Faith does not play together again.

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